Understanding Technical Analysis is Simple

Forget the question of where should I start! Here is the beginner's guide to technical analysis.

Technical Analysis
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4 hour 40 minute total time
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  • Technical analysis concepts
  • Ability to use methods appropriately
  • Trend analysis
  • Pattern and indicators


The free market is a market that is dependent on the balance of supply and demand, which makes it volatile even if the stock market and capital markets have their own set of laws. It may be fun, thrilling, and painful to be able to survive in this ever-changing environment, adapt to the shifting circumstances of the day, and make money in this environment. Technical analysis, which saves investors in this particular situation, permits price movement analysis based on graphs created by the price, trading volume, and time data of the stocks traded on stock exchanges.

Anyone interested in learning more about technical analysis or who wishes to get constantly updated information is welcome to attend this course. We will offer fundamental knowledge to applicants and investors who haven't determined where to begin technical analysis. The foundations, visual forms, and commonly used concepts will be discussed in straightforward terms, along with the significance of the market trend and the complexities of adhering to it. The initial steps of those who claim they want to study, understand, and trade the markets are waiting for you to begin this course.


Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Private Pension Specialist, Technical Analyst and Writer

Course Content

10 chapters52 videos4 hour 40 minute total time
  • Introduction04:40
What is Technical Analysis
  • What is Technical Analysis05:58
  • Price04:58
  • Foundations of Technical Analysis08:26
  • Types of Charts14:19
  • Scale on Charts04:57
Concepts in Technical Analysis
  • Support and Resistance04:02
  • Conversion of Support to Resistance03:12
  • Bottom and Peak Concept05:58
  • Reaction and Correction Concept05:00
Trend Analysis
  • Trend Analysis08:31
  • Channels03:05
  • Types of Trends08:16
  • Breaking the Trend08:46
Dow Theory
  • Dow Theory12:55
  • Dow Theory Example04:43
  • Introduction to Formations04:00
  • Head and Shoulders Top05:41
  • Head and Shoulders Bottom04:36
  • Double Top03:27
  • Double Bottom03:01
  • V-Top01:27
  • V-Bottom01:43
  • Multiple Tops06:01
  • Multiple Bottoms03:12
  • Triangles04:35
  • Rectangles02:58
  • Flat Base02:43
  • Cup with Handle Base04:41
  • Inverse Cup with Handle Top03:26
  • Gaps04:44
  • Island Top and Bottom08:32
  • Diamond Top02:56
  • Flag and Pennant Patterns04:35
  • One-Day Reversals02:16
  • Introduction to Indicators03:30
  • Simple Moving Averages02:42
  • Weighted and Exponential Moving Averages04:46
  • Crossing of Two Time Series in Moving Averages05:22
  • Price Crossings in Moving Averages04:33
  • Crossings of the Same Time Series in Moving Averages03:56
  • Bollinger Bands05:25
  • MACD Indicator08:21
  • CCI Indicator07:13
  • Momentum Indicator07:07
  • RSI05:59
  • Stochastic Indicator08:30
  • Ease of Movement (EOM) Indicator06:04
  • On Balance Volume (OBV) Indicator06:48
Fibonacci Numbers and Elliott Wave Theory
  • Fibonacci Numbers07:39
  • Elliott Wave Theory07:27
  • Conclusion and Thanks02:42

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TRY 222.17

4 hour 40 minute total time
1 downloadable documents
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms