Trading Strategies with Candlestick Patterns

Discover the power of candlestick patterns and create profitable strategies by unraveling the secrets of the market depths!

Technical Analysis
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  • Creating strategies with candlestick patterns
  • Predicting price movements in advance
  • Generating buy and sell signals with candlesticks
  • Creating short, medium, and long-term strategies
  • Combining chart formations and candlestick patterns to form strategies
  • Methods for identifying trending stocks


Technical analysis allows us to make predictions about the future based on past price movements and is actively used by many traders. Candlestick patterns are a subset of technical analysis. When traders create strategies, they often overlook candlestick patterns, which are the most important aspect of technical analysis. However, candlestick patterns beautifully describe the psychology of buyers and sellers in the market. Candlestick charts and patterns have been the key point of many renowned traders' strategies for years. For example, candlestick patterns provide us with a lot of information before or after a rally, and investors often forget to use this information. The main reason for this is the lack of resources for candlestick patterns and strategies. Now, it is necessary for us to incorporate these key points into our strategy or at least be aware of them. Because we encounter candles in every aspect of the market.

In this course, I will show you step by step how to create strategies. Our main focus will be on candlestick patterns. How can we use candlestick patterns at support-resistance-trend breakouts? Which candlesticks are important at breakouts? Where do we see candlestick patterns in chart patterns and how do they support the formed chart pattern? If an instrument is about to start a rapid upward movement, which candlesticks and breakouts should we pay attention to? How should we interpret candlestick patterns in terms of RSI and divergences? I will explain how to combine all these topics and create strong signals with candlestick patterns in a simple and clear manner.


Tunç Safa Altunsaray
Tunç Safa Altunsaray
Author, Investment Consultant, Co-founder of

Course Content

9 chapters49 videos9 hour 18 minute total time
  • Introduction02:58
Support and Resistance
  • What is Support and Resistance?12:31
  • Support and Resistance Example Study06:32
  • What are Rising, Falling, and Sideways Trends?20:52
  • Example Studies12:28
Things to Know
  • Candlesticks We Need to Know24:04
  • Marubozu Examples02:37
  • Pinbars – Hammers and Doji Candle Examples06:26
Candlestick Patterns and Trend Reversal Candlestick Patterns
  • Introduction to Candlestick Patterns06:59
  • Single Inverted Hammer Bullish Formation11:53
  • Single Hanging Man Bullish Formation08:44
  • Single Shooting Star Bullish Formation09:47
  • Single Hanging Man Bearish Formation09:49
  • Introduction to Double Candlestick Patterns03:42
  • Bullish Engulfing Double Candlestick Formation15:26
  • İkili Hamile Boğa Formasyonu11:15
  • Bullish Harami Cross Double Candlestick Formation11:28
  • Bullish Engulfing Double Bottom Candlestick Formation13:06
  • Bullish Tweezer Bottoms Double Candlestick Formation11:46
  • Bearish Engulfing Double Candlestick Formation12:55
  • İkili Hamile Ayı Formasyonu10:05
  • Bearish Harami Cross Double Candlestick Formation09:53
  • Bearish Engulfing Double Top Candlestick Formation11:22
  • Bearish Tweezer Tops Double Candlestick Formation10:32
  • Üçlü Mum Formasyonları Giriş01:47
  • Doji Morning Star Triple Candlestick Formation13:55
  • Three Bullish Stars Triple Candlestick Formation08:15
  • Three White Soldiers Triple Candlestick Formation09:57
  • Doji Evening Star Triple Candlestick Formation12:05
  • Three Bearish Stars Triple Candlestick Formation08:04
  • Three Black Crows Triple Candlestick Formation10:13
Chart Patterns
  • Introduction to Chart Patterns01:56
  • Bottom Patterns18:47
  • Head and Shoulders (H&S) Pattern15:40
  • Top Patterns18:52
  • Inverse Head and Shoulders (IH&S) Pattern20:12
  • Bull Flag and Bull Pennant13:55
  • Bear Flag and Bear Pennant12:31
  • Cup Pattern18:57
  • Inverse Cup Pattern15:19
  • Triangle Patterns24:12
  • Wedge Patterns14:58
  • Diamond Pattern04:50
RSI – Divergence
  • What is RSI and Divergence17:32
  • Example Studies10:53
Example Strategies
  • Candlestick Patterns Strategies08:59
  • Candlestick Patterns and Chart Patterns Strategies08:19
  • RSI and Candlestick Patterns Strategies05:54
  • Closing04:26

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