Algorithmic Trading with Moving Averages

You cannot escape trends! Moving averages are no longer a concern after this course!

Technical Analysis
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6 hour 34 minute total time
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  • Moving averages and their calculation methods
  • Algorithm based on moving averages
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Strategy patterns that can be applied and developed in the markets


Moving averages were the first and most common indicators employed as technical analysis became more prevalent in the markets. Investors end up making poor choices as a result of the pricing data's erratic behavior. Moving averages were required as a result of the requirement to soften the price series and give their changes more significance. Moving averages that tracked price-created delays, therefore exponential, weighted, triangular, etc. were developed to address the issue. Moving averages of several kinds have been created, including It has grown through time and become more advanced, becoming an average for a new generation.

This course will instruct participants in the creation of moving average-based algorithms as well as how to design strategies using moving averages and various indicators from the very beginning. There will be a thorough introduction to dozens of indicators, from classic to new-generation moving averages, as well as twelve various approach patterns that may be created using these averages. It will advise individuals who are unfamiliar with the creation and application of algorithms on how to begin algorithmic trading. In addition to teaching, papers will be given that contain patterns and ready-made indicators, systems, strategy files, and robot instances connected to the tactics outlined. This perfect instruction is ready and waiting for you to cut the pricing corners and do far superior analyses.


Kıvanç Özbilgiç
Kıvanç Özbilgiç
Civil Engineer and Economist

Course Content

8 chapters15 videos6 hour 34 minute total time
  • Introduction and General Information15:16
Main Types of Moving Averages
  • Main Types of Moving Averages38:31
Period Selection and Maturity
  • Period Selection and Maturity17:14
Moving Average Strategies
  • Moving Average Strategies 133:59
  • Moving Average Strategies 226:14
  • Moving Average Strategies 324:33
  • Moving Average Strategies 435:33
Next-Generation Moving Average Types
  • Next-Generation Moving Average Types 137:51
  • Next-Generation Moving Average Types 228:52
  • Next-Generation Moving Average Types 333:29
Average Selection in Strategies
  • Average Selection in Strategies 126:37
  • Average Selection in Strategies 244:47
Shares and Usages
  • Shares and Usages for Matriks08:55
  • Shares and Usages for Tradingview18:14
  • Closing04:42

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