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MGA Software Information Distribution and Consulting Services Ltd. Co. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"); attaches special importance to ensuring the privacy and security of information belonging to website users, members, and customers. This issue is considered as a legal obligation in addition to the sensitivity of our Company in this regard, in accordance with relevant legal regulations. Within the framework of our approach to ensuring the protection of customer information and compliance with legal regulations with utmost care, our Company takes detailed regulations in this regard in its internal functioning and the protection of customer information is considered as an important issue in all kinds of practices and processes carried out.

Your personal data that we record automatically or non-automatically during the visit to our website will be used primarily to ensure that your requests are fulfilled, and later to provide you with better service. In addition, we take necessary care regarding the protection and security of your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy provisions.

All information, including personal data belonging to website users, members, and customers, are not shared with any third parties in any way or form, except for legal institutions and officials who have access to this information in accordance with the provisions of relevant legislation, without the consent of the relevant parties.

Our company ensures that the organizations it receives support services from comply with our privacy standards and conditions.

In this regard, our basic approach is to protect all information related to our website users, members, and customers from unauthorized access, incorrect use and modifications, corruption, and destruction; and to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information.

The commitments stated in this policy are applicable to the information shared through this website and other channels of our company, and the privacy policies, ethical principles, and terms of use of the websites visited on this site and other websites whose links are provided on this site are valid, and our company is not responsible for any material/ moral losses that may occur on these sites.

If you share your personal information (address, phone, fax, email address, etc.) with our institution, such information will only be used to provide the requested service, send messages related to changes, information, usage, and maintenance services, and renewal of the contract, and will not be shared with third parties and institutions under any circumstances other than legal obligations or your consent. If you are included in our approved database, a message may be sent to you for promotion, marketing, and promotional activities related to banking, capital markets, insurance, and finance products and services. If you do not want to receive messages sent by our institution, you can opt-out of the relevant channel list by using the right to refuse offered to you, for example, by clicking on the link "If you do not want to receive any emails related to the introduction of new products and services from our institution, please click here."

Our institution reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy without prior notice in order to keep its privacy and data protection principles up-to-date and compliant with relevant legislation. If we decide to change the Privacy Policy, the updated policy will be posted on our website.

Company Information

MGA Software Information Distribution and Consulting Services Ltd. Co.

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Phone: +902126442020


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Radore Data Center Services Inc.

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Cookie Policy

MGA Software Information Distribution and Consultancy Services Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as MGASOFT), uses cookies, pixel tags, flash cookies, and web beacons (hereinafter collectively referred to as "cookies") to improve your experiences when accessing internet websites, electronic platforms, applications, or electronic email messages or advertisements sent by MGASOFT.

The data collected through cookies may not always be of a personal data nature, but to the extent that it is considered personal data, it will be evaluated within the scope of this Cookie Policy and the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK).

The purpose of this Cookie Policy is to provide information on the processing of personal data obtained during the use of cookies by Site users and members (Data Subject).

MGASOFT may stop using cookies on its site, change their types or functions, or add new cookies to the site. Therefore, the provisions of this Cookie Policy may be changed at any time. Any changes made to the current Cookie Policy will become effective upon publication on the Site or any other public platform. For more detailed information on the processing of your personal data by MGASOFT, we recommend that you read the Disclosure Statement.

What is the Purpose of Cookies?

At MGASOFT, we use cookies on our websites for various purposes and process your personal data through these cookies. These purposes are:

  • Facilitative purposes: Use of cookies to facilitate site usage and customize them for users. Such cookies enable users to remember their user information, passwords, and preferences. For example, it eliminates the need to re-enter a password when visiting different pages.
  • Performance measurement purposes: MGASOFT may use cookies to improve and measure the performance of its websites, applications, platforms, and services. Examples of cookies used for this purpose include technologies that allow user behavior and usage patterns of site, application, platform, and service usage to be analyzed and technologies that enable MGASOFT to understand whether users have interacted with messages sent by MGASOFT.
  • Security purposes: MGASOFT may use cookies it deems necessary for the administration and security of its websites, platforms, applications, and services. Examples of such cookies include technologies that allow functions on internet sites, applications, and platforms to be used and cookies used to detect irregular behavior on these channels.
  • Advertising purposes: Cookies belonging to MGASOFT or third parties may be used to transmit content such as advertisements and similar content tailored to users' interests through MGASOFT's or third parties' internet sites, applications, and platforms. Examples of advertising uses include cookies that measure the effectiveness of advertisements and cookies that show whether a certain advertisement has been clicked on or how many times an advertisement has been displayed. If there are exceptions under Article 5 and 8 of the KVKK or relevant legislation, your personal data may be processed in accordance with the above purposes without your consent where required by the legislation, otherwise in accordance with your consent. As MGASOFT, we may share your personal data under the Cookie Policy with legally authorized institutions, our business partners, suppliers, shareholders, and partners in a manner limited to the realization of the above purposes and in compliance with the legislation. We would like to remind you that the parties to whom data is transferred may store your personal data on their servers anywhere in the world.

Cookies Used on Our Website

Below you can find different types of cookies used on our website. Both first-party cookies (placed by the Site you visit) and third-party cookies (placed by servers other than the Site you visit) are used on our website.

Mandatory Cookies

The use of certain cookies is mandatory for the proper functioning of our website. For example, authentication cookies that come into play when you log in to our Site ensure the continuity of your session, which is active when you switch from one page to another on our Site.

Functionality and Preference Cookies

These cookies personalize the services offered on our Site for you by remembering your preferences and choices on the Site. For example, they enable us to remember your language selection on our Site or the font size you have chosen while reading a text.

Performance and Analysis Cookies

Thanks to these cookies, we can analyze your use of our site and improve the services we provide to you by analyzing the performance of our site. For example, with these cookies, we can determine which pages our visitors view the most, whether our site is working properly, and identify potential problems.

Targeting or Advertising Cookies

We use cookies to promote products and services to you on our site or on other platforms. We may also collaborate with some of our business partners to promote our services or products within or outside of our site. For example, cookies may be used to track whether you clicked on an advertisement you saw on our site, and whether you have benefited from the service offered on the site to which that advertisement directed you.

Cookie Purpose
_ga Device information for Google Analytics - used by applications in the Google Tag Manager system.
ga_*ID Used by Google Analytics to identify the user.
_gcl_au Used by Google to measure the success of advertising activities.
brfn_session Used by Borfin to store user session information.
brfn_session_exists Used by Borfin to determine whether a user session exists.
brfn_locale Used to display content in the language preferred by the user.
IS_CONSENT Used to store whether the user has accepted the Terms of Use, Privacy and Cookie Policy, KVKK Disclosure Text and Policy.



MGASOFT attaches great importance to users being able to use their personal data preferences. However, it is not possible to manage preferences regarding some Cookies that are mandatory for the operation of the Platform. We also want to remind you that if some Cookies are disabled, some of the Site's features may not work.

Information on how to manage preferences regarding Cookies used on the Platform is as follows:

Visitors can personalize their cookie preferences by changing their browser settings while viewing the Platform. If the browser being used provides this feature, it is possible to change Cookie preferences through browser settings. Thus, depending on the opportunities offered by the browser, data owners can find options to block the use of cookies, receive a warning before using cookies, or disable or delete only some Cookies. Although these preferences may vary depending on the browser used, general information can be found at Cookie preferences may need to be made separately for each device the visitor accesses the Platform from.

To Manage Your Browser-Based Cookies

To disable cookies managed by Google Analytics, click here. To manage personalized advertising experience provided by Google, click here. Preferences for cookies used by many companies for advertising activities can be managed via Your Online Choices. The settings menu of the mobile device can be used to manage cookies on mobile devices.

What Are Your Rights as Data Owner?

According to Article 11 of the KVKK, data subjects have the right to:

  • Learn whether personal data is being processed,
  • Request information if personal data has been processed,
  • Learn the purpose of the processing of personal data and whether they are being used for their intended purpose,
  • Know the third parties to whom personal data are transferred, whether domestically or abroad,
  • Request correction of incomplete or inaccurate personal data and to request that such correction be notified to third parties to whom the personal data have been transferred in this context,
  • Request the deletion or destruction of personal data in the event that the reasons requiring processing no longer exist, despite having been processed in accordance with the law and other relevant legislation, and to request that third parties to whom personal data have been transferred be notified of this process,
  • Object to a result that arises to their detriment by having the data processed exclusively through automated systems,
  • Demand compensation in the event of harm arising from the unlawful processing of personal data.

If you submit your requests regarding your rights to MGASOFT with the methods regulated in the Privacy Policy, your applications will be evaluated and concluded within the shortest time possible, and no later than 30 (thirty) days. Although no fee will be charged for requests, the right to charge a fee based on the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board is reserved.

MGASOFT undertakes that the information subject to this Cookie Policy is complete, accurate, and up-to-date, and that it will update this information immediately in case of any change. If the Data Owner has not provided up-to-date information, MGASOFT will not be responsible in any way.

The Data Owner acknowledges and declares that if they make a request that will result in any personal data not being used by MGASOFT, they may not be able to fully benefit from the Site's operation, and in such a case, they accept and declare that all kinds of responsibility belong to them.

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