Our User-Friendly Refund Policy

Our goal is to provide everyone with a high-quality educational experience. Therefore, it is very important for us that you benefit from the education you have received. If you are not satisfied with the education you have received, we will refund the full amount of your payment. Below, we share the 4 rules you need to follow regarding the refund conditions in a transparent way. In order for us to make a refund;

  • You should not spend more than a total of 30 minutes on the contents of educational products.
  • You should not download any documents in the education content.
  • You must make your refund request within 14 days from the purchase date.
  • Unfortunately, refunds are not made for education courses that have a total duration of less than 30 minutes.

The information on how long you have watched the course and which documents you have downloaded is recorded instantly by the system. If the above conditions, which are put in place to prevent abuse of refund rights, are not met, you will have provided the necessary usage and we will not be able to make a refund. You can review the course for 30 minutes and if you don't like it, you can get a refund for the amount you paid. You can create a refund request by clicking the cancel request button next to the relevant order in the order history page in the user panel and specifying the reason for cancellation.

You must submit a cancellation request within 14 days after making a purchase for a return process. According to legal regulations, we must issue an invoice for this service within 14 days after you purchase the training course. When we issue an invoice, we make payments for taxes and relevant stakeholders. Therefore, for return transactions, you can create a cancellation request related to the order by clicking on the "create cancellation request" button on the order history page on the user panel within 14 days.

Unfortunately, refunds for programs and applications are not possible. However, you can cancel monthly subscriptions at any time without any conditions. You can cancel your subscription by creating a cancellation request through the user panel on until the next renewal date. Upon receiving the cancellation request, the subscription will automatically end on the renewal date next month.

We have created this policy to provide you with a good experience. If you have any problems with the return process, you can get help by contacting us at our call center at 0212 644 20 20 or by emailing us at