Double Top Pattern For Starters

Don't fall off the top! It is up to you to correctly interpret the ups and downs of the market.

Technical Analysis
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  • Definition of patterns through examples
  • Predicting levels where prices may go
  • Understanding trending movements
  • Graph interpreting and analysis


The double top pattern is a result of a strong upward trend reaching a peak, falling from that peak and forming a bottom, rising again to the first peak with the help of investors who believe it will rise again, and then falling from the first peak to the support level as a result of the buyers' hesitation at this point. Formally, the formation looks like the letter "M" since the peaks are about the same height.

This course is designed to enable accurate forecasting of the price levels that may be reached in the formation after the indication that the market's exit flow has ceased and is now decelerating. With the explanation of the creation via numerous firms, the investor will get information in terms of practical application as well as technical and academic understanding. On the other hand, with the course, insider information regarding the summits' locations and the best trading times will be disseminated.


Ahmet Mergen
Ahmet Mergen

Course Content

3 chapters13 videos53 minute total time
  • Introduction and Double Top Formation08:37
Three Different Types of Double Top Formations
  • Three Different Types of Double Top Formations08:02
Examples of Double Top Formations
  • GOODY Stock Example05:24
  • IPEKE Stock Example03:24
  • PETKM Stock Example03:12
  • RYSAS Stock Example03:30
  • BIST100 Index Example 103:27
  • BIST100 Index Example 203:18
  • ECZYT Stock Example04:06
  • XBANK Example02:43
  • ARCLK Stock Example02:27
  • Anonymous Chart Example 102:33
  • Anonymous Chart Example 203:03

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