Understanding All About Gaps

Fill in the gaps with opportunities! Learn everything about gaps with this course where technical information will be given through examples.

Technical Analysis
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  • Technical information about gaps
  • Practice on examples
  • Principles of formation and closure of gaps
  • Correct timing in trading


Price ranges that are not traded on an asset's or security's chart are referred to as gaps. It frequently occurs when the markets are closed, generally in the interim between trading hours. occurs when there is no trade but it begins trading at a price that is either higher or lower than the previous day's closing price. Gaps of the four major types—separation, leakage, and extinction—are simple to perceive but challenging to pinpoint. Information regarding the trend may be found based on the kind of gap.

The purpose of this course is to introduce investors to the idea of gaps. We'll look at the gaps, explain how to interpret them correctly, and go over the fundamentals of using the gaps to make trading decisions on charts. Through example applications, the investor will learn the intricate details of correctly anticipating the price direction and trading in the gaps in market volatility using this method.


Ahmet Mergen
Ahmet Mergen

Course Content

6 chapters13 videos1 hour 22 minute total time
  • What Are Gaps04:11
  • Gaps and Their Types09:19
Examples of Gaps
  • Example of BIZIM Stock06:51
  • Example of HALKB Stock07:40
  • Example of IPEKE Stock06:33
  • Example of ISCTR Stock06:51
  • Example of KATMR Stock04:35
  • Example of KONYA Stock07:37
  • Example of BİST100 Index06:56
Examples of Gap Trading Orders
  • Orders Written to Benefit from Gaps05:16
Formation of Gaps Between Two Candles
  • Illustration of Gap Formation Between Two Candles02:39
Example of Gap Filling
  • Example of Gap Filling05:32
Formation of Gaps and Their Closure Over Time
  • Example of TUPRS Stock08:13

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TRY 143.88

1 hour 22 minute total time
7 downloadable documents
Lifetime access
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