Gann Analysis and Usage

You have the fortune to win! Prepare to win with math and astrology-based Gann analysis.

Technical Analysis
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  • Technical information of Gann analysis
  • Prediction of price levels in the markets
  • Stock reviews with analytics
  • Correct use of technique in chaos


Gann analysis is the process created by WD Gann to analyze price charts using his special methods. According to Gann, the approach differs from others by generating predictions based on the assumption that these geometric pictures and angles have their properties, even if in theory it works by adding a geometric dimension to the graphs displayed as price and time. The study suggests that a price moving at a 45-degree angle for the time indicated by the horizontal region on the charts is the most perfect equilibrium. The two required points, a distinct low and a peak must be identified to draw the Gann angles. Prices are considered to be in an upward trend if they are above the drawn line, and in a downward trend if they are below it.

This course has been designed to give investors an easy-to-follow road map for identifying the levels at which stocks might rise or fall using market angles and Gann analyses. It is intended for investors to make a simple decision by appropriately using the approach in mixed settings that may occur in up and down trends or corrections within trends, in the light of technical information to be reinforced by sample visuals. Anyone who wants to understand Gann analysis in depth and gain from using it correctly can profit from this course.


Ahmet Mergen
Ahmet Mergen

Course Content

6 chapters16 videos2 hour 31 minute total time
  • Introduction and W.D. Gann07:32
  • Information About W.D. Gann 106:39
  • Information About W.D. Gann 209:46
Examination of Gann Analyses
  • Introduction to Gann Analyses14:21
  • Example Application of Gann Analysis08:55
Gann Grid and Explanation on an Example
  • Gann Grid and Example Application09:27
Using Gann Analyses
  • Gann Angles and Fibonacci09:56
  • Predicting Support and Resistance Lines09:25
  • Predicting Support Lines08:58
  • Predicting Resistance Lines 114:06
  • Predicting Resistance Lines 204:33
  • Predicting Support and Resistance with Fibonacci Time Zones09:23
Concepts of Gann Analysis
  • Gann Wheel12:26
  • The Connection Between Time and Price with Astrology09:45
Examinations with Gann Analyses
  • Things to Be Careful About07:51
  • AKBNK Examination07:54

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