Elliott Wave Analysis for Traders

Winning is in our nature! Understand markets with the life cycles.

Technical Analysis
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10 hour 35 minute total time
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  • The basis and importance of the wave principle
  • Accurate analysis of the general situation
  • Estimation of the level that prices can reach
  • Estimation of the lengths of the breakthrough waves


Ralph Nelson Elliott, who dealt with accounting for most of his life and made management recommendations based on the new accounting methods and record-keeping systems he utilized, was born in 1871. In the course of his research, he concluded that everything occurs in a cycle of explosion, stagnation, and regression. Elliott, who came across these fundamental laws in many facets of life, did not take long to discover that there are also psychological cycles and reflections in the financial markets. Later, he developed his theories and blended them with the Fibonacci golden ratio to create the "wave principle." His standing in the financial world has grown as a result of his successful market forecasts in several books and articles.

Investors who complete this course will be able to forecast the magnitude of market ups and downs utilizing the Elliott principle. In straightforward terms, it will be described how investor psychology impacts the trend and how rhythmic variations brought on by human movements like fears, anxieties, overconfidence, passion, high hopes, wrath, and disappointments lead prices to increase or decrease. With the proper implementation of the approach through several example visuals, you will be able to make better-educated financial selections.


Ahmet Mergen
Ahmet Mergen

Course Content

17 chapters65 videos10 hour 35 minute total time
  • Introduction and Nelson Elliott16:47
Waves and Fibonacci Numbers
  • Waves and Fibonacci Numbers08:50
  • Fibonacci Numbers and Elliott Waves14:00
Characteristics of Impulse Waves
  • Characteristics of Impulse Waves 107:03
  • Characteristics of Impulse Waves 207:08
  • Characteristics of Impulse Waves 303:01
  • Characteristics of Impulse Waves 406:47
  • Characteristics of Impulse Waves 503:09
  • Characteristics of Impulse Waves 610:51
Information About Correction Waves
  • Information About Correction Waves 109:47
  • Information About Correction Waves 208:06
  • Information About Correction Waves 304:40
  • Information About Correction Waves 413:11
ZigZag Corrections
  • Simple ZigZag Corrections 101:28
  • Simple ZigZag Corrections 209:27
  • Simple ZigZag Corrections 311:52
  • Normal ZigZag Corrections06:38
  • Clipped ZigZag Corrections08:17
  • Extended ZigZag Corrections06:31
Horizontal Corrections
  • Horizontal Corrections04:47
  • Flats06:49
B Waves in Flats
  • Strong B Waves in Flats07:55
  • Example of Strong B Waves in Flats04:31
  • Normal B Waves in Flats08:15
  • Weak B Waves in Flats07:30
Irregular or Irregular Corrections
  • Irregular or Irregular Corrections15:17
Variability Rule
  • Variability Rule06:20
  • Variability Rule Example 106:32
  • Variability Rule Example 216:14
  • Extensions17:59
  • Extensions Example08:58
  • Relationship of Fibonacci Ratios in Extensions13:15
Equality Rule
  • Equality Rule17:00
Trend Channels
  • Trend Channels08:05
Used Fibonacci Ratios and Coefficients
  • Used Fibonacci Ratios and Coefficients 109:39
  • Used Fibonacci Ratios and Coefficients 222:58
  • Used Fibonacci Ratios and Coefficients 310:58
  • Used Fibonacci Ratios and Coefficients 407:55
  • Used Fibonacci Ratios and Coefficients 511:29
  • Triangles Within Correction Waves22:15
  • Contracting Triangles15:46
  • Irregular Triangles23:59
  • Ending Diagonal Triangles14:42
  • Leading Diagonal Triangles13:03
Binary and Triple Combinations
  • Binary and Triple Combinations18:52
  • Studies 118:19
  • Studies 212:05
  • Studies 304:28
  • Studies 403:16
  • Studies 508:17
  • Studies 605:03
  • Studies 705:11
  • Studies 806:09
  • Studies 912:04
  • Studies 1012:46
  • Studies 1112:12
  • Studies 1207:28
  • Studies 1308:22
  • Studies 1403:43
  • Studies 1506:42
  • Studies 1606:02
  • Studies 1708:47
  • Studies 1805:38
  • Studies 1904:03
  • Studies 2005:46

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TRY 721.04

10 hour 35 minute total time
31 downloadable documents
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms