Alternative Systems for Algorithmic Trading

Approach the world of algorithmic trading with a different perspective with many new robots that are easy, understandable, and ready to use.

Technical Analysis
Turkish, English
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  • Easy systems created with just a few lines of simple code
  • Comprehensive explanation from conceptualization, testing, to interpreting results for each system
  • Systems that become ready to use in just a few minutes, some entirely different from each other, some derivatives
  • Systems at different levels
  • Not only systems but also possible problems you may encounter and their solutions
  • Systems that can be used interchangeably, modifiable


Firstly, during this course, we will collectively design and test many different or derivative systems and turn them into usable systems. This means you will have numerous alternative systems and by understanding how these alternative systems are structured, you will progressively advance your knowledge of algorithmic trading at every stage.

Moreover, through the systems we collectively design, you will gain different perspectives, understanding why and how things are done. This way, you will be able to design your own alternative systems. Throughout the course, while explaining the logic behind each design, I will share many details with you, from how to test it to how to use it, including situations where you might get into trouble and their solutions. Thus, I will attempt to ensure that you have complete mastery of the system.

One of the most important features of the alternative systems I will present to you in this course is that almost all of them are Lego systems. This means that each system is presented to you in a ready-to-use form thanks to its 'plug and play' feature. They can be added to each other like Lego pieces, some parts can be removed, or they can be replaced with parts from other systems in the course.

Another feature of the alternative systems you will see during the course is that they are prepared to be tested and used within short periods, with a single test lasting up to a few minutes. Additionally, structurally, they are adaptable to different instruments due to containing some aggressive and some conservative systems according to different preferences.

There is no need for students to have any prior knowledge for this course. I believe that both those who are new to algorithmic trading and those who are already engaged in it will equally benefit from and enjoy this course. Additionally, as I explain the alternative system examples during the course through the Matriks program, I will also provide a 3-month Matriks Prime Demo to students who request this program from me to use, test, and work with the same systems.


Anıl Özekşi
Anıl Özekşi
Technical Analyst

Course Content

6 chapters6 videos4 hour 3 minute total time
  • Introduction06:00
Level 1 Systems
  • Level 1 Systems50:37
Level 2 Systems
  • Level 2 Systems52:18
Level 3 Systems
  • Level 3 Systems01:00:55
Level 4 Systems
  • Level 4 Systems01:01:25
  • Conclusion11:45

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