Effective Portfolio Management

Learn how to build and effectively manage a proper portfolio.

Portfolio Management
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  • Learn how to attain the effective portfolio, which is the basis of proper portfolio management
  • Learn how to make a choice to obtain the effective portfolio
  • Learn how to build a portfolio through your choices
  • Learn how to properly allocate assets within a portfolio structure
  • Explore alternative portfolio building methods
  • Learn how to monitor and control your portfolio
  • Learn how to conduct measurement and comparisons for your portfolio
  • Learn how to identify and address issues in your portfolio, and take appropriate action


When we talk about the stock market, the first thing that usually comes to mind is stocks, and likewise, when we mention portfolio management, it is often understood as buying and selling these stocks. For most people, portfolio management means being able to ride the trends – being invested in stocks during uptrends and holding cash during downtrends.

This perception arises because when we talk about portfolio management, the portfolio represents the allocated funds, and management represents the ability to grow that money, which seems like a skill based on technical and fundamental analysis. In other words, portfolio management has evolved into a term that is perceived as a skill in buying and selling.

However, the biggest problem with this understanding is overlooking or completely disregarding the crucial and primary step of creating a proper and balanced portfolio. This understanding fails to recognize the importance of constructing a portfolio correctly, which should involve selecting the right assets using appropriate methods and assembling them with a proper structure and allocation. Furthermore, a well-managed portfolio requires the correct distribution of the suitable instruments. Unless the shares of these instruments are appropriately distributed within the portfolio, managing the portfolio and expecting consistent and peaceful returns will not be possible.

However, it is natural to understand that the process does not end with creating the right portfolio. If you consider a portfolio as a living and dynamic entity, it will inevitably require monitoring, maintenance, and even repair. This means that the final part of proper portfolio management is ensuring its adaptability to changing market conditions and providing appropriate and timely intervention.

Throughout this training, I aim to provide you with different methods and perspectives that will help you understand these concepts.


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Anıl Özekşi
Anıl Özekşi
Technical Analyst

Course Content

12 chapters12 videos5 hour 38 minute total time
  • Introduction08:07
Wrong Choices
  • Wrong Choices18:59
Choose Correct Candidate Stocks
  • Choose Correct Candidate Stocks52:02
Portfolio Selection: Introduction
  • Portfolio Selection: Introduction36:06
Portfolio Selection: Development
  • Portfolio Selection: Development57:30
Portfolio Selection: Conclusion
  • Portfolio Selection: Conclusion37:01
Portfolio Construction
  • Portfolio Construction09:40
Stock Allocation
  • Stock Allocation15:08
Ups and Downs in the Stock Market
  • Ups and Downs in the Stock Market43:06
Final Touches in Portfolio Selection
  • Final Touches in Portfolio Selection24:16
Portfolio Monitoring and Interventions
  • Portfolio Monitoring and Interventions34:07
Final Remarks
  • Final Remarks02:28

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