Portfolio Performance Measurement Techniques

The work is not done without evaluating the performance! Learn the intricacies of assessment, the most important part of portfolio management.

Portfolio Management
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  • Portfolio performance evaluation
  • Return and risk calculations
  • Performance measurement techniques
  • Performance components


One of the crucial steps in the decision-making process is evaluating the outcomes of the investment choice. Performance analysis plays a crucial role in the portfolio management process, just like it does in every choice. Performance analysis explores the factors that contribute to performance and looks at strategies for improving performance in addition to analyzing the level of investment in comparison to other investments. Technically, assessing and contrasting portfolio return and risk independently might show portfolio success.

The purpose of this course is to explain to investors how portfolio performance is measured and how to determine the portfolio manager's contribution to performance. We'll look at the ideas of return and risk, as well as their computations, which serve as the foundation for portfolio evaluation, a crucial step in the decision-making process. The elements that are useful for obtaining success in portfolio management will be provided after the program. Do not miss this course if you want to be able to assess the portfolio you developed or left in the hands of a manager.


Serra Eren Sarıoğlu
Serra Eren Sarıoğlu
Portfolio Management, Investment and Pension Funds Specialist

Course Content

7 chapters11 videos2 hour 2 minute total time
  • Introduction05:43
Evaluation of Portfolio Performance
  • Evaluation of Portfolio Performance05:10
Calculation of Portfolio Returns
  • Introduction to Portfolio Returns15:55
  • Simple Return 105:36
  • Simple Return 221:23
Calculation of Portfolio Risk
  • Portfolio Risk15:49
Risk-Adjusted Performance
  • Sharpe Ratio10:25
  • Treynor Ratio12:15
  • Jensen's Alpha13:13
Appraisal Ratio
  • Appraisal Ratio09:36
Components of Portfolio Performance
  • Components06:54

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