Financial Modeling for Stock Selection

Do you want to conduct your own analysis? Do you want to create a list of qualified companies from hundreds of companies in the stock market? Do you want to achieve a stable return without relying on others? This course will provide you with useful information on these topics.

Fundamental Analysis
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  • Understanding what financial modeling is and how it is used.
  • Being able to think and plan according to economic conditions and trends.
  • Being able to determine strong financial criteria and identify more effective stock companies.
  • Being able to identify qualified companies among hundreds of firms and prepare a list of quality companies that can provide stable returns in the medium and long term.
  • Being a self-sufficient investor.
  • Being able to conduct quick analysis and save time.


This course has two main objectives. The first is to ensure that investors invest in value-oriented, quality companies in the stock market. There are multiple methods for this, but the primary method is the filtering method used by analysts and large investors. To do this, you need financial criteria and a financial model. This allows investors to create a pool of companies that can create high value for themselves with a few simple criteria, consisting of quality companies with strong financial structures and reasonable market multiples. This way, investors can focus much more on qualified companies that have passed specific criteria rather than examining or chasing hundreds of companies. Additionally, they can create a portfolio from the qualified companies they have identified and achieve stable returns in the medium to long term. This is a fact and has been happening in the markets for years.

Another aim of this course is to enable someone who has never taken video course before to gain insight and experience in this area. It also aims to introduce the educator, their teaching style, and demonstrate how beneficial such courses can be for the audience.

Regardless of the field, receiving course in a field always provides an advantage by being more equipped. As you will see in this course, creating a portfolio by filtering out qualified companies rather than chasing stock prices always benefits the investor. When an investor creates a qualified portfolio on their own and earns returns from it without needing anyone else, their confidence increases, they remain calmer against market fluctuations, and thus, they can see opportunities more clearly. When you have more knowledge and are more equipped, you know what to do in the stock market, and this will open the doors to making correct decisions for you.


Tuncay Turşucu
Tuncay Turşucu
Mathematical Engineer and Financial Analyst

Course Content

4 chapters5 videos1 hour 9 minute total time
  • Introduction04:58
How to Perform Financial Modeling
  • How to Perform Financial Modeling19:20
  • Creating Models with Stockeys Pro11:04
Stock Portfolio and Performances
  • Stock Portfolio and Performances25:38
  • Conclusion08:00

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1 hour 9 minute total time
2 downloadable documents
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