Balance Sheet Interpretation Techniques

Reading a balance sheet is now very easy! Become an expert in interpreting balance sheets with all their subtleties and rules.

Fundamental Analysis
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  • Accounting process
  • Reading financial statements
  • Rules for issuing balance sheets
  • Analysis with case studies


The balance sheet, which may be characterized as a financial statement outlining a company's financial situation during a certain period, is divided into two sections. These are the resources that were used to acquire these assets. Formally, it is a table that has been constructed with the resources, or liabilities, on the right and the assets and the sums they are due on the left. The balance sheet is no longer only a table listing the company's public liabilities; it is now a crucial source of data for financial analysis.

The intricacies of the procedures used in this inspection process, as well as the concepts of accurate examination of balance sheets of corporations, which may be viewed as images, are covered in this course. The procedure will be taught in all of its finer points and intricacies, beginning with the fundamental accounting ideas. The many forms of balance sheets and the guidelines for their layout will be covered, and the right ways to analyze the tables will be explained. The course will also help investors evaluate, comprehend, and turn the data produced using all of these reading and analytical skills into meaningful information. Reading and interpreting the target company's financial accounts will be considerably simpler and more accurate using this method. The course will also show investors how to assess, comprehend, and turn the outcomes of all of these research and reading skills into knowledge that is helpful. With the knowledge gained from the course, it will be much simpler and more accurate to analyze and evaluate the financial statements of the chosen firm.


Mesut Baydur
Mesut Baydur
Certified Public Accountant


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Course Content

13 chapters47 videos5 hour 38 minute total time
  • Introduction and Accounting Process06:42
Definition of Accounting and Basic Concepts
  • Definition and Functions of Accounting11:31
  • Basic Concepts of Accounting 107:15
  • Basic Concepts of Accounting 204:03
Principles of Financial Statements
  • Income Statement Principles06:57
  • Balance Sheet Principles06:19
  • Principles Regarding Foreign Resources04:46
Foundations of Accounting System
  • Hidden Capital and Hidden Gains11:22
Balance Sheet Account Reviews
  • Current Assets12:24
  • Non-Current Assets and Short-Term Liabilities09:45
  • Long-Term Liabilities and Equity12:22
Income Statement Accounts
  • Income Statement Accounts15:21
Relationships Between Accounts
  • Relationships Between Accounts 113:21
  • Relationships Between Accounts 205:20
  • Balance Sheet Frauds09:29
  • Tax Frauds07:16
Items Indicating Performance Increase
  • Items Indicating Performance Increase05:11
Fundamental Analysis Applications
  • Fundamental Analysis Applications08:55
Types of Financial Statement Analysis
  • Types of Financial Statement Analysis05:56
Analysis Types
  • Liquidity Analysis and Financial Structure Analysis05:09
  • Activity Analysis and Profitability Analysis07:26
  • Asset Analysis07:44
  • Liability Analysis07:46
  • Income Statement10:11
  • Trend Balance Sheet Asset Analysis09:12
  • Trend Balance Sheet Liability Analysis06:00
  • Trend Income Statement Analysis06:58
  • Vertical Balance Sheet Asset Analysis08:21
  • Vertical Balance Sheet Liability Analysis09:59
  • Vertical Income Statement Analysis11:18
  • Ratio Analysis04:42
  • Liquidity Ratios05:02
  • Activity Ratios 104:05
  • Activity Ratios 206:21
  • Financial Structure Ratios 104:42
  • Financial Structure Ratios 206:03
  • Profitability Ratios 104:20
  • Profitability Ratios 205:05
  • Balance Sheet Performance Ratios06:30
  • Balance Sheet and Income Statement 104:16
  • Balance Sheet and Income Statement 202:48
  • Balance Sheet and Income Statement Analysis Using Trend Percentages04:47
  • Income Statement Analysis Using Trend Percentages02:53
  • Balance Sheet and Income Statement Analysis Using Vertical Percentages06:42
  • Ratio Analysis 107:27
  • Ratio Analysis 203:01
  • Ratio Analysis 304:37

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