Stock Scanning and Purchase Price Determination

Choose, assess, and buy! It is now simpler to find the appropriate stock at the right price thanks to fundamental analysis.

Fundamental Analysis
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  • Choosing the right stock with financial analysis
  • Ability to analyze financial statements
  • Accurate share pricing
  • Analysis on real data


The true market worth of the invested instrument is ascertained via the application of fundamental analysis, one of the most fundamental concepts that investors need to understand to succeed. The long-term success of fundamental analysis assures that it is one of the two primary financial methodologies. While external events and their repercussions serve as the foundation for financial statements and industry trends, it is still a crucial strategy for stock investors. Although it is primarily utilized in stock trading, it is usually favored in other financial products including bonds, FX, and derivatives.

The purpose of this course is to improve investors' ability to choose the appropriate firm and the appropriate price, which is the first step in fundamental research and stock investing. Under the direction of fundamental analysis, questions like which sorts of businesses should be avoided and what price range for businesses to invest in will be addressed. The Fastweb Financial Analysis application will be used to transfer the multipliers that can be used to determine the price of the analyzed company to the investor after first transferring the balance sheet, income statement, and ratios derived from these, which are the fundamental building blocks of the analysis. It will be easy to determine if a price is exorbitant or inexpensive by highlighting the typical errors made while using multipliers in valuation. Do not miss this course if you want to earn a genuine and sustainable income based on financial and basic analyses. It is not for you to act on impulse and win by accident.


Üzeyir Doğan
Üzeyir Doğan
Investment Advisor and Author


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Course Content

8 chapters15 videos5 hour 35 minute total time
  • Introduction27:29
Presentation of Financial Statements
  • Presentation of Financial Statements40:14
Financial Ratios
  • Introduction to Financial Ratios08:17
  • Liquidity Ratios22:22
  • Financial Structure Ratios11:01
Activity and Profitability Ratios
  • Activity Ratios24:03
  • Profitability Ratios12:40
Dupont Analysis
  • Dupont Analysis21:45
Ratios to Be Examined
  • Debt Ratio and Equity Profitability18:24
  • Return on Equity19:20
Relationship Between Return on Equity and PDDD
  • Relationship Between Return on Equity and PDDD31:23
  • Application 125:37
  • Application 218:35
  • Application 319:02
  • Application 434:47

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