The Stock Market in Bite-Sized Chunks

This course contains all of the information you need to know before investing in the stock market!

Fundamental Analysis
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  • Understanding the fundamentals of the stock market.
  • Grasp how the stock market operates.
  • Recognizing stock market tactics.


The number of persons investing in the shares of more than 500 firms listed on Borsa Istanbul has surpassed 2 million as a result of both generational digitization and the epidemic. This development represents both an opportunity and a risk. In the long term, capital market growth benefits the country's economy and investors. On the other hand, unthinking investors who perceive the stock market as a gamble due to the losses they sustain are in a bad situation. It is our responsibility to convert this threat into an opportunity. Everyone will be delighted if everyone does their part, that is if the academician offers their expertise and the investor reads and learns. This course aims to educate the most fundamental facts in simple and enjoyable language to the first-time investor interested in the stock market but needs more understanding. Technical material is provided in a simple way for each investor applicant to grasp during the course. When you finish this course, which begins with the most fundamental notions of the stock market and gradually explains what needs to be taught, the question marks in your head will vanish. While entering the stock market, make the proper decision by following this guideline, written in a simple and fluent tone. In addition to this course, which will equip you with the necessary theoretical knowledge, strengthening your practical experience will simplify managing your psyche and portfolio in stock market transactions.


Aysel Gündoğdu
Aysel Gündoğdu
Lecturer, Consultant and Author

Course Content

11 chapters15 videos3 hour 16 minute total time
  • Introduction02:23
Concept and History of the Stock Market
  • Concept and History of the Stock Market15:17
Trading in Stock Market
  • Concepts of the Stock Market18:22
  • Trading in Stock Market22:01
Fundamental Concepts
  • Trading and Index Concepts22:02
  • Future Markets19:42
  • Concepts of Company Valuation09:10
IPO (Initial Public Offering)
  • Concept of IPO (Initial Public Offering)09:14
Investor Psychology
  • Behavioral Finance and Investor Psychology12:59
Investor Protection
  • Stock Reliability and Investor Protection12:28
Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Technical Analysis14:32
  • Fundamental Analysis09:29
Portfolio and Strategies
  • Concept of Portfolio and Strategies20:43
  • Dividends and Dividend Retirement04:56
  • Closure03:12

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