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Fundamental Analysis
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  • Fundamentals of finance
  • How financial markets operate
  • Balance sheet and income statement structure
  • Financial analysis with examples


Finance refers to sourcing funds, utilizing the obtained resources effectively, and conducting research for individuals or businesses. A finance professional, known as a financial expert, possesses the necessary skills to analyze the future of the economy, sector, and company and takes calculated risks. The primary objective of a financial manager in a business is to maximize the company's market value. To achieve this goal, financial managers work on finding the most cost-effective financial resources for the business, ensuring proper allocation of these resources, and monitoring the efficiency of investments made.

This course is designed to provide individuals interested in finance but who need help figuring out where to start with a solid foundation in finance philosophy and basic principles. The training covers fundamental concepts and theoretical knowledge related to finance. It explains the functioning of financial markets and institutions, aiming to provide answers to commonly asked questions in personal finance. The training emphasizes the basics of financial analysis through examples and enlightens participants on effectively managing their portfolios.

This course is suitable for those who seek a fundamental understanding of finance from a broad perspective and wish to benefit optimally at a basic level.


Aysel Gündoğdu
Aysel Gündoğdu
Lecturer, Consultant and Author

Course Content

8 chapters12 videos3 hour 25 minute total time
  • Introduction03:26
Basic Concepts
  • Basic Concepts30:52
Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Money Market Instruments18:10
  • Alternative Financial Instruments23:02
Financial Analysis and Calculations
  • Financial Analysis and Calculations12:09
  • Financial Ratios14:44
  • P/E Ratio and PB Ratio, Dividend Rate07:42
Reasons Why Firms Keep Cash
  • Reasons Why Firms Keep Cash26:49
Corporate and Individual Finance
  • Corporate Finance26:32
  • Individual Finance19:45
Portfolio Management and Financial Theories
  • Portfolio Management and Financial Theories17:54
  • Closure04:34

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TRY 317.44

3 hour 25 minute total time
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms