Mutual Funds Guide

Strength is in unity! Earnings are greater when investing together.

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  • Principles of mutual fund
  • Ability to distinguish investment instruments
  • Analysis of risk groups of funds
  • The subtleties of trading


A mutual fund is a type of collective trust in which people with extra income can invest by purchasing shares. By handling transactions automatically and by distributing risk, it gives investors who do not have the opportunity to continually monitor their assets or the requisite skills to handle their investments correctly the impression that they are receiving professional investment service. Even though it is more common elsewhere, it is beginning to gain favor in Turkey. The term "security mutual funds" in Turkey refers to a variety of funds that operate in various types of investment instruments.

This training has been designed to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to select the mutual fund that best fits your strategies by outlining all of their practical aspects. It will also teach you how to keep an eye on the funds you select and adjust them as necessary to reflect changes in the market. Investors will have the chance to thoroughly analyze everything about mutual funds with practical studies after being educated with a brief and explicating theoretical knowledge. This session is perfect for you if you're looking for a change of pace from the typical financial tools and would want to learn more about mutual funds and funds.


Aysel Gündoğdu
Aysel Gündoğdu
Lecturer, Consultant and Author


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Course Content

2 chapters7 videos1 hour 18 minute total time
  • Introduction02:52
Practical Investment Funds with Fonbul+
  • Examining Investment Funds with Fonbul+09:10
  • Investment Instruments within Funds13:24
  • Types of Funds16:44
  • Fund Returns10:55
  • Investment Funds and Risks11:29
  • Fund Analysis13:29

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