Financial Analysis and Valuation

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Fundamental Analysis
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  • Understanding the balance sheet and income statement
  • Identifying promising companies
  • Ability to interpret financial ratios
  • Business value measurement


Financial analysis is the process of studying, evaluating, reporting, and developing an opinion on the financial facts of businesses. Technically, the financial analysis focuses on the profitability, efficiency, and financial health of businesses. To identify the financial position and progress today, analysis and interpretations based on these tables have surpassed financial statement statistics in importance. This can be attributed to a variety of factors, including changes in the financial markets, tax legislation, and the increased care taken in credit transactions.

The technical knowledge that might be considered the cornerstone of financial analysis is covered in this course, along with how to use and evaluate it. The definition and different kinds of financial analysis will be presented to the investor, along with the analysis and interpretation of the items on the balance sheet and income statement. Financial analysis is intended to prevent the ratio explanation from being based on theory and to connect the investor with practical applications. However, for those with inadequate financial understanding, education should be the first step before seeking to collaborate with firms directly or through the stock market.


Aysel Gündoğdu
Aysel Gündoğdu
Lecturer, Consultant and Author


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Course Content

8 chapters16 videos2 hour 39 minute total time
  • Introduction02:51
Interpreting Balance Sheet Items
  • Interpreting Asset Items15:01
  • Interpreting Liability Items08:37
Interpreting Income Statement Items
  • Interpreting Income Statement Items06:21
Financial Analysis and Types
  • Financial Analysis and Types06:02
Ratio Analysis
  • Interpreting Liquidity Ratios10:19
  • Interpreting Profitability Ratios12:39
  • Interpreting Solvency Ratios09:09
  • Interpreting Inventory, Receivables, and Payables Turnover Ratios15:13
  • Interpreting Growth Rates and Summary Analysis15:39
  • Interpreting Market Performance Ratios19:23
Relative Valuation
  • Relative Valuation for BIMAS08:24
  • Relative Valuation for TCELL03:51
Valuation Based on Discounted Cash Flow
  • Valuation Based on Discounted Cash Flow for BIMAS13:42
  • Valuation Based on Discounted Cash Flow for TCELL06:35
  • Conclusion05:48

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TRY 333.23

2 hour 39 minute total time
1 analysis program
Lifetime access
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