Your Portfolio Management Tool

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Apply Your Criteria in Stock Selection

Based on fundamental indicators, you can make stock selections based on fundamental analysis criteria, or you can create stock selection models based on technical analysis using the most preferred indicators. In addition to all of this, you can write your own formulas, create indicators, and establish hybrid models based on both fundamental and technical analysis.

Determine Companies' Values

In your stock investments, you can conduct financial analysis of companies through comparative analysis, vertical analysis, horizontal analysis, trend analysis, and ratio analysis, which will give you an edge. By providing fundamental inputs using industry-specific and financially segregated sectors' accepted company valuation methods, you can determine the value of the stock.

Create and Test Portfolio Models

By using fundamental and technical indicators you determine for stock selection, you can establish your investment strategy, test the strategy's performance for the historical periods you choose, and compare multiple portfolio creation models. You can scientifically test the performance of the portfolio models you determine according to widely accepted criteria such as Sharpe, Jensen, and Treynor measures.

TRY 2,750.00

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We have a plan for everyone! Whether you're just starting out in investing or you're an experienced financial research professional, we have subscription plans designed to meet the needs of users at every level. We're here to accompany you on the path to financial success. So go ahead, choose a subscription plan today and start exploring the excitement of winning as you take your research to the next level!
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Your Advantages with Investor:

  • 46 Fundamental Analysis Criteria
  • 12 Technical Analysis Criteria
  • Adding Technical Analysis Criterion Formulas
  • Index and Sector Selection
  • Testing Portfolio Performance
  • 1 Valuation Method
  • User-Friendly Interface
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Additionals with Analyst for Investor:

  • 77 Fundamental Analysis Criteria
  • 30 Technical Analysis Criteria
  • 4 Valuation Methods
  • 1 Financial Analysis Method
  • Indicator Usage and Visualization
  • Technical Analysis Tools
  • Summary Financial Analysis
TRY 2,750.00

Additionals with Professional for Analyst:

  • 117 Fundamental Analysis Criteria
  • 51 Technical Analysis Criteria
  • 9 Valuation Methods
  • Selecting Custom Stock Groups
  • 5 Financial Analysis Methods
  • Model Performance Comparison
  • Adding Fundamental Analysis Criterion Formulas