Famous Value Investment Strategies

Do experts always win? Investing the strategies of world-famous investors.

Investment Strategies
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  • Investing styles of successful investors
  • Analyzing strategies
  • Implementation of successful investments
  • Building conscious strategies


Value investing, which is essentially an investment strategy centered on purchasing stock in firms below market worth, operates under the tenet that a profit may be made by purchasing stocks that are selling below their intrinsic value or book value. The goal of a value investor is to identify inexpensive companies that, in his opinion, will eventually rise in value and see their price fall to reflect it. In this procedure, in-depth financial research and business assessments are necessary. Purchasing a strong stock at a bargain price is the most crucial aspect of value investing. For this investment approach, stocks with high dividend yields, low book-to-market ratios, and low price-earnings ratios are optimal.

This course explores the success-driven value investment methods used by well-known investment gurus from across the world, as well as how well such strategies have worked in Borsa Istanbul. The winning techniques of renowned investors like Benjamin Graham, David Dreman, and Bill Miller will be reviewed. One of the pioneers of the value investing approach, which is one of the most successful tactics utilized in the education markets. Do not miss this session if you want to see how these methods are doing at BIST and become more aware of your strategies.


Hünkar İvgen
Hünkar İvgen
Certified Public Accountant and Consultant


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Course Content

9 chapters17 videos5 hour 4 minute total time
  • Introduction and Benjamin Graham15:45
Benjamin Graham Model
  • Benjamin Graham Model08:15
  • Benjamin Graham Test Results32:41
Bill Miller Model
  • Bill Miller13:54
  • Bill Miller Test Results25:59
David Dreman Model
  • David Dreman13:36
  • David Dreman FK and TV Test Results23:51
  • David Dreman FNA and TV Test Strategies22:08
John Neff Model
  • John Neff10:55
  • John Neff Test Results19:47
Piotroski Model
  • Piotroski10:13
  • Piotroski Test Results18:31
Fisher Model
  • Fisher05:34
  • Fisher Test Results27:29
John Templeton Model
  • John Templeton08:34
  • John Templeton Test Results21:56
  • Conclusion and General Evaluation25:08

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