Financial Planning and Control

The ideal course for to be the name that comes to mind when budget is mentioned! With detailed and fluent narration, there will be no unknown about planning and budget.

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  • Financial planning definition and scope
  • Sales forecasting methods
  • Production and sales budget preparation
  • Budgeting practice and profit planning


Financial planning is the examination of the organizations utilizing the data they now have and creating a road map using this analysis in order to avoid a financial issue or surprise in the future. Three parts make up financial planning: estimating financial requirements, creating a budget to cover those requirements, and ultimately, financial control. Budget control tells us whether or not the company is run healthily by adhering to the set objectives. A comprehensive budgeting system is used for budgetary control, which helps management carry out its planning, coordination, and control responsibilities.

The purpose of this course is to provide an explanation of the budget and budgeting processes as a planning and control tool as well as practice profit planning and budgeting. Through the use of sample plans, the foundation and results of financial planning will be taught. Every topic relating to the budget will be discussed in detail once the necessity of the budget has been made clear. You will graduate from this course with a thorough understanding of budget studies on critical company topics including sales, production, purchasing, R&D, and marketing.


Hünkar İvgen
Hünkar İvgen
Certified Public Accountant and Consultant

Course Content

12 chapters51 videos13 hour 10 minute total time
  • Introduction18:06
  • Scope of Financial Planning13:00
  • Assumptions in Financial Planning13:25
Dimensions and Process of Financial Planning
  • Dimensions and Process of Financial Planning07:46
Budget and Control Systems
  • Budget and Control17:51
  • Characteristics of Business Budgets21:55
Budget-Accounting Relationship
  • Budget-Accounting Relationship09:46
  • Budgeting and its Stages13:14
Basic Financial Statements
  • Basic Financial Statements 110:30
  • Basic Financial Statements 211:26
  • Basic Financial Statements 329:15
  • Basic Financial Statements 413:57
  • Basic Financial Statements 510:28
  • Basic Financial Statements 630:23
Introduction to Financial Forecasting
  • Introduction to Financial Forecasting19:07
Sales Forecasts and Sales Budget
  • Sales Forecast and Influencing Factors17:42
  • Sales Forecast Methods14:57
  • Application: Average Sales Forecast08:26
  • Application: Sales Forecast and Real Growth Rate22:29
Regression Analysis and Expense Estimation
  • Regression Analysis Application 120:41
  • Regression Analysis Application 222:51
  • Expense Estimation18:04
  • Expense Regression Analysis18:40
  • Application: Regression Expenses12:04
  • Application: Expenses All Costs15:22
  • Application: Expenses07:56
Balance Sheet Forecast
  • Balance Sheet Forecast13:43
  • Proforma Balance Sheet06:37
Budget Stages
  • Budgeting and Sales Budget22:11
  • Production Budget 106:56
  • Production Budget 213:26
  • Direct Raw Material Budget for Production Cost16:57
  • Direct Labor Costs20:32
  • General Production Expense Budget07:58
Other Types of Budgets
  • Operating Expense Budget11:34
  • Cost of Sales Budget04:53
  • Investment Budget18:44
  • Cash Budget, Proforma IS, and Balance Sheet10:16
Sude Gıda
  • Sude Gıda Application 122:29
  • Sude Gıda Raw Material Budget15:06
  • Sude Raw Material Budget 214:00
  • Sude Gıda Production Cost11:25
  • Sude Gıda SMM Budget16:12
  • Sude Gıda Finance Budget and NAT34:20
  • Sude Gıda Cash Flow Budget26:51
  • Sude Gıda Budget Determination and Decision08:54
  • Sude Gıda Adjustment and ProBalance25:25
  • Sude Gıda Control Reports11:08
  • Sude Gıda Break-Even Point05:47
  • Sude Gıda Break-Even Application 115:08
  • Sude Gıda Break-Even Application 209:56

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