Stock Investment Strategies with F-Score

How can we merge the F-Score of the Value Investor Guru Piotroski with valuation criteria to craft investment strategies?

Investment Strategies

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  • F-Score Criteria
  • Calculating F-Score
  • Performance Evaluation with F-Score
  • Creating Investment Strategies with F-Score


The F-Score was developed by Joseph D. Piotroski in the 2000s to identify value stocks whose activities are improving. It enables us to classify companies into weak, stable, and strong categories with 9 criteria based on their financial situation.

The criteria of the F-Score are grouped under three main categories: profitability, operational efficiency and leverage, liquidity and sources of funds. After it was shown to yield an annual average return of approximately 23% in dollar terms as both a calculation and investment strategy with a publication, it has become one of the popular metrics frequently used by investors.

This course is prepared to convey to participants not only the calculation and use of the F-Score but also the strategies that can be created in the Turkish Stock Market and what their performance results are. The strategies to be created will be tested on the Borsa Istanbul and the results will be shared. Participants will have the chance to see how strategies are created and tested in the Queenstocks Professional program.


Hünkar İvgen
Hünkar İvgen
Certified Public Accountant and Consultant

Course Content

5 chapters10 videos1 hour 35 minute total time
  • Introduction07:56
Joseph D. Piotroski
  • Who is Joseph D. Piotroski?07:20
F-Score Evaluation Criteria
  • Profitability Criteria11:38
  • Leverage, Liquidity, and Sources of Funds10:37
  • Operational Efficiency10:55
  • Scores and Performance03:47
Piotroski Strategy Applications with Queenstocks Professional
  • Piotroski Strategy Applications 110:09
  • Piotroski Strategy Applications 216:33
  • Piotroski Strategy Applications 313:32
  • Conclusion03:03

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