Analysis Methods for Investors

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Fundamental Analysis
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  • Getting to know analysis tools
  • Basic finance math
  • Technical knowledge of fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis in detail


Before trading, investors do analyses to increase the profitability of their market operations. Knowing the analysis techniques and using the proper judgment while making decisions are prerequisites for being able to make profitable decisions. Investors tend to choose basic and technical analysis during these periods. The underlying worth of stocks is revealed via fundamental analysis. It is based on corporate metrics including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow. On the other side, technical analysis uses previous price data based on price and volume to create forecasts about future pricing. Technical analysis's foundation consists of several charts and indicators.

The three key areas that stock investors should understand are fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and basic financial mathematics. This course will start from the very beginning by introducing the fundamentals of developing an investment plan and the notion of interest, giving those who wish to specialize in capital markets access to an ancient resource. Because it thoroughly explores the analysis methods and explains them to the investors, this course will eliminate the burden of looking for information on these topics.


Hünkar İvgen
Hünkar İvgen
Certified Public Accountant and Consultant


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Course Content

5 chapters58 videos16 hour 20 minute total time
  • Introduction02:25
  • Introduction02:53
Concept of Interest and Time Value of Money
  • Concept of Interest and Time Value of Money17:03
  • Simple and Compound Interest Concepts27:51
  • Annuities 122:08
  • Annuities 203:40
Fundamental Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis and Information Sources28:24
  • Comparison of Fundamental and Technical Analysis18:59
  • Economic Analysis 107:42
  • Economic Analysis 224:48
  • Economic Analysis 315:56
  • Economic Analysis 409:04
  • Economic Analysis 504:36
  • Sector Analysis31:06
  • Fundamental Analysis07:02
  • Company Analysis09:50
  • FTA Financial Statement Features14:17
  • Purpose of FTA Financial Statement Analysis16:55
  • FTA Balance Sheet19:38
  • Items of the FTA Balance Sheet27:06
  • FTA Statement of Cost of Sales21:10
  • FTA Cash Flow Statement12:08
  • Types of FTA Financial Analysis12:13
  • FTA Financial Analysis Techniques 114:31
  • FTA Financial Analysis Techniques 212:02
  • FTA Financial Structure Ratios28:46
  • FTA Activity Ratios14:00
  • FTA Turnover Rate13:54
  • FTA Profitability Ratios37:29
  • FTA Financial Control11:44
Charts and Technical Analysis
  • Price Formation in Stock Exchanges12:19
  • Investors04:53
  • Types of Charts Line and Bar16:39
  • Point, Figure, and Candlestick Charts10:04
  • Candlestick Charts19:19
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis26:21
  • Dow Theory17:49
  • Support, Resistance, and Uptrend23:33
  • Downtrend10:26
  • Reversal Formations30:34
  • Consolidation Patterns15:27
  • Fast-Moving Stock Formations19:01
  • Moving Averages33:34
  • Envelopes and Bands10:53
  • Price Indicators32:26
  • ADX11:11
  • Elliott's Fundamental Principles14:49
  • Elliott Wave Patterns09:25
  • Fibonacci and Its Tools20:27
  • Technical Analysis in Turkey08:39
Questions and Answers
  • Questions 1-516:02
  • Questions 6-1027:12
  • Questions 11-1521:47
  • Technical Analysis Questions 1-1016:54
  • Technical Analysis Questions 11-2015:16
  • Fundamental Analysis Questions 1-819:54
  • Fundamental Analysis Questions 9-1517:47
  • Fundamental Analysis Questions 16-2007:30

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TRY 695.76

16 hour 20 minute total time
1 analysis program
Lifetime access
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