Company Valuation Principles

Gotta appreciate! With this course, you will find all the necessities to evaluate a company correctly.

Fundamental Analysis
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24 hour 47 minute total time
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  • Factors affecting company value
  • Company valuation stages
  • Determining the cost of capital
  • Risk assessment for companies


Value is now understood to represent the sum of a thing or service's benefits or beneficial qualities, as well as its ability to command a premium over competing products or services. If the firm in issue is publicly traded, the valuation of the company is based on the share price set by the buyers and sellers of the company on the stock market. To calculate this valuation for a firm that has not yet gone public, multiple methods and estimations must be used. Future potential profits, yearly increases in these profits, predicted profits, and the company's risk profile is taken into account when determining the valuation.

This course has been designed by taking into account all factors using a variety of apps and all the technical skills required to achieve an efficient company appraisal. For individuals working in the disciplines of budget and planning, cost and management accounting in businesses, the course is a helpful resource since it includes topics like financial forecasting and fundamental finance mathematics and the contents are backed by practice. After the session, examples will be used to demonstrate how to value both industrial enterprises and banks. Do not miss this course if you are seeking a manual to help you make your firm value estimates more consistent.


Hünkar İvgen
Hünkar İvgen
Certified Public Accountant and Consultant


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Course Content

10 chapters95 videos24 hour 47 minute total time
  • Introduction to Valuation05:45
  • Concept of Value and Price18:00
  • Company Value and Valuation Concepts26:22
Basic Financial Mathematics
  • Basic Financial Mathematics 127:11
  • Basic Financial Mathematics 207:46
  • Basic Financial Mathematics 314:51
  • Basic Financial Mathematics 410:50
  • Basic Financial Mathematics 511:00
  • Basic Financial Mathematics 628:05
  • Basic Financial Mathematics 709:24
  • TFM Question 1-212:52
  • TFM Question 3-411:46
  • TFM Question 5-620:11
  • TFM Question 7-8-909:59
  • TFM Question 10-1111:03
  • TFM Question 12-1309:32
  • TFM Question 14-1511:37
  • TFM Question 16-1716:26
  • TFM Question 18-19-2019:22
Basic Financial Statements
  • Fundamental Concepts of Accounting12:12
  • Fundamental Concepts of Accounting 2 and Balance Sheet11:51
  • Balance Sheet Assets29:50
  • Balance Sheet Liabilities14:02
  • Income Statement10:28
  • Income Statement Items33:09
  • Cash Flow Statement 110:30
  • Cash Flow Statement 205:40
Determination of Cost of Capital in Companies
  • Cost of Capital and Influencing Factors14:22
  • Capital Structure and Cost22:37
  • Determinants and Calculation of Beta17:10
  • Risk-Free Rate, Risk Premium, and Cost of Capital27:30
Company Valuation
  • Company Valuation, Purpose, and Influencing Factors19:22
  • Reasons for Valuation, Parties, and Information Sources15:12
  • Stages of Company Valuation16:27
  • Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis12:51
  • Types of Financial Statement Analysis10:21
  • Horizontal and Vertical Analysis16:49
  • Ratio Analysis and Current Ratio15:33
  • Factors Affecting Current Ratio13:08
  • Liquidity Ratio14:21
  • Application: Horizontal Analysis16:11
  • Application: Vertical Analysis22:56
  • Application: Trend and Ratio Analysis18:39
  • Financial Structure Ratios15:22
  • Application: Financial Structure Ratios08:42
  • Activity Ratios26:41
  • Asset and Equity Turnover Ratios11:01
  • Application: Activity Ratios14:23
  • Profitability Ratios35:32
  • Application: Profitability Ratios10:02
  • Growth Ratios and Application07:04
  • Financial Forecasting19:08
  • Sales Forecasting and Influencing Factors14:50
  • Sales Forecasting Methods17:41
  • Application: Sales Forecast by Averages08:28
  • Application: Real Growth Rate22:30
  • Application: Regression Analysis 120:34
  • Application: Regression Analysis 222:49
  • Expense Estimation18:06
  • Expense Regression Analysis18:15
  • Application: Regression Expenses12:04
  • Application: Expenses - All Costs15:20
  • Application: Egser Expenses20:53
  • Application: Percentage of Sales18:47
  • Balance Sheet Forecast14:16
  • Application: Proforma Balance Sheet12:05
Discounted Cash Flows
  • Cash Flows to the Firm (FCFF)15:56
  • Cash Flows to Equity (FCE)08:59
  • Application: FCFF 123:52
  • Application: FCFF 219:23
  • Application: FCE 109:23
  • Application: FCE 209:54
Relative Valuation
  • Introduction24:46
  • Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratio11:23
  • P/E Ratio Application10:02
  • FS, PDDD, FCE, and Application25:21
  • Valuation Based on Firm Value16:53
Dividend Discount Model and Excess Return Valuation Method
  • Dividend Discount Model and Excess Return Method32:21
  • Excess Return Valuation Application27:27
  • Dividend Discount and Gordon Application07:56
Net Asset Value
  • Net Asset Value14:18
Company Valuation with QueenStocks Portfolio Selection
  • Ege Seramik Valuation 1 - DCF24:43
  • Ege Seramik Valuation 2 - GD13:21
  • Ege Seramik Valuation Result07:34
  • Trakya Cam Valuation 1 - DCF14:04
  • Trakya Cam Valuation 2 - GD04:28
  • Trakya Cam Valuation Result07:35
  • Adana Valuation 1 - DCF12:11
  • Adana Valuation 2 - GD08:57
  • Adana Valuation Result03:13
  • Arçelik Valuation 1 - DCF20:23
  • Arçelik Valuation 2 - GD10:18
  • Arçelik Valuation Result04:46
  • İş Bankası Valuation16:08
  • Garanti Bankası Valuation13:09

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24 hour 47 minute total time
14 downloadable documents
1 analysis program
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