Stock Selection with Bottom-up Approach

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Investment Strategies
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  • Stock selection methods
  • Correct stock selection strategies
  • Strategy applications
  • Performance tests of methods


To optimize their returns, many investors nowadays try to buy the best stocks. At this stage, stock-finding instruments are required. Today, stock picking is done using two key strategies. The first is fundamental analysis, which seeks to determine the true worth of stocks, and the second is technical analysis, which makes use of stock prices and technical indicators to attempt to forecast future price movements. Due to the different approaches, fundamental analysis work is also separated into two categories: bottom-up and top-down.

Although this course covers stock selection techniques generally, it is intended to explain what the bottom-up approach is, as well as its applications and geographic locations. When the strategy is used, its impact on the portfolio will be evaluated, and the outcomes will be tested. Simple stock selection techniques will be developed through applications in addition to theoretical knowledge in the course, and it will be examined to see if they have been successful in attracting investors in the past. Don't pass up the chance to learn about this approach, which is also favored by many financial gurus.


Hünkar İvgen
Hünkar İvgen
Certified Public Accountant and Consultant


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Course Content

6 chapters8 videos1 hour 44 minute total time
  • Introduction to the Course10:47
Stock Selection Methods
  • Stock Selection Methods10:57
Technical Analysis
  • Technical Analysis08:00
  • Technical Analysis Example06:35
Top-Down Approach
  • Top-Down Approach15:11
Bottom-Up Approach
  • Bottom-Up Approach22:26
Strategy Implementation with QueenStocks Program
  • FK and TV Model Application18:17
  • FK and TV Model Application Results12:24

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