Fundamental Quality Investment Strategies

Your investments should be guided by quality! By analyzing successful techniques, you will design your own winning strategy.

Investment Strategies
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  • Quality criteria in company review
  • Example famous strategies
  • Performance of strategies in BIST
  • Creating effective strategies


A quality investment strategy seeks to find businesses that exhibit better quality traits by using a set of core criteria that have been explicitly stated. Both qualitative and quantitative data may be used to judge quality, for example, by assessing management and looking for stability in financial accounts. The development of high-quality investment portfolios is also influenced by value and growth investment criteria, which are additional investment styles.

By explaining the various types of quality-based investment strategy designs and their performance on the BIST, this course aims to boost investors' understanding of their options and assist them in increasing returns. Investors will be given the right techniques as well as all technical information on excellent investments. Investors will also be informed of the outcomes of the Borsa Istanbul implementation of the quality-based strategies developed by renowned quality investing strategists Warren Buffett, Piotroski, Muhlenkamp, and Richard Sloan.


Hünkar İvgen
Hünkar İvgen
Certified Public Accountant and Consultant


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Course Content

7 chapters13 videos3 hour 47 minute total time
Quality-Based Investment Strategies
  • Quality-Based Investment Strategies38:20
Quality Strategy Test
  • Quality Strategy Test27:42
Warren Buffett Models
  • Hagstrom Screen Model24:07
  • Hagstrom Screen Test Result03:51
  • Esque Historical Growth Screen Model17:49
  • Esque Historical Growth Screen Test Result14:40
  • Sustainable Growth Screen Test Result21:23
Richard Sloan Model
  • Cash Accruals Screen Model03:26
  • Cash Accruals Screen Test Result 120:03
  • Cash Accruals Screen Test Result 203:57
Muhlenkamp Model
  • ROE Screen Model and Test Result18:20
Piotroski Model
  • F Score Model and Test Result27:36
  • Conclusion and General Evaluation06:13

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