Hünkar İvgen

Certified Public Accountant and Consultant
Hünkar İvgen


Having attended Adana Science High School, Ivgen went on to get his master's and PhD in corporate finance from Istanbul University's Faculty of Business Administration. Ivgen is the author of several works in the accounting-finance and valuation fields, including the 2003 publishing of the first book of its kind in Turkey, "Company Valuation."

Ivgen held several roles in the corporate finance and research divisions of intermediate organizations engaged in the Capital Markets between 1992 and 2002.

He has worked as a specialist consultant and/or practitioner in more than 200 corporate finance transactions, particularly on project and business valuation, mergers and acquisitions. Some of his creations were groundbreaking in Turkey. He serves as a solution partner and offers consulting services in the area of corporate finance to local, national, and worldwide audit companies. In the area of management consulting, he offered advice on cost accounting, management, and budgeting to more than 100 industrial enterprises. He still serves as a board consultant for several of these businesses.

Ivgen, who is also engaged in educational pursuits, has occasionally continued his study while serving as a part-time instructor at Istanbul University, Bahçeşehir University, and Kultur University in the areas of accounting-finance, corporate finance, capital markets, and valuation.

Ivgen is fluent in English and possesses a Financial Advisory Certificate as well as advanced and credit rating licenses for the Capital Markets. He has two kids and is married.


Hünkar İvgen