Equity Portfolio Investment and Strategies

A unique course with both theoretical and practical knowledge of portfolio creation strategies.

Portfolio Management
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  • Creating a stock portfolio
  • Company valuation
  • Determining investment strategies
  • Application methods through examples


All investment products, including cash, gold, foreign currencies, stocks, etc., that actual or legal people handle as they see appropriate for profit are referred to as portfolios. On the other hand, purchasing and selling assets and collecting earnings within specific bounds is referred to as portfolio management. The collection and analysis of all data required for the execution of these transactions fall within the purview of portfolio management. According to the investor's risk tolerance and expected returns, it is chosen whether to analyze the portfolio assets over a variety of investment vehicles or to compile them onto a single instrument to lower investment risks.

This course has been designed to outline the various techniques that investors can employ to build their stock portfolios and the important considerations they should make. The models of asset and person pricing and portfolio theory that affect the development of the theory will be discussed first. Investors will learn the specifics of fundamental and technical analysis—active portfolio management strategies—during the session. Based on this data, portfolio development and performance assessment will be prioritized. Performance reviews will be conducted, samples of the gained information will be used, and portfolios created using different techniques will be retroactively examined on the BIST.


Hünkar İvgen
Hünkar İvgen
Certified Public Accountant and Consultant


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Course Content

8 chapters98 videos25 hour 16 minute total time
  • Introduction04:51
Portfolio Concept with Risk and Return
  • Introduction to Portfolios08:00
  • Concepts of Risk and Return24:04
  • Single and Multiple Period Returns04:08
  • Multiple Period Return Variability27:43
  • Risk and Return Example04:46
Portfolio Theory and Portfolio Performance Evaluation
  • Portfolio Theory07:20
  • Mean-Variance Approach05:36
  • Portfolio Standard Deviation Example04:41
  • Correlation Coefficient and Portfolio Risk20:29
  • Indifference Curves and Efficient Frontier10:00
  • Optimal Portfolio and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)29:52
  • CAPM and Arbitrage Pricing Model (APM)12:14
  • Portfolio Performance in International Capital Investments11:29
Portfolio Management Strategies
  • Introduction to Portfolio Management Strategies40:50
  • Passive Portfolio Strategies04:30
Active Portfolio Strategies
  • Introduction05:04
  • Fundamental Analysis and Information Sources28:23
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis Comparison18:59
  • Economic Analysis 107:40
  • Economic Analysis 224:48
  • Economic Analysis 315:55
  • Economic Analysis 409:02
  • Economic Analysis 504:35
  • Sector Analysis31:05
  • Fundamental Analysis07:01
  • Company Analysis09:48
  • Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches10:27
  • Company Valuation24:55
  • Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) 115:54
  • Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) 208:57
  • DCF Application 119:21
  • DCF Application 209:21
  • DCF Application 310:01
  • Relative Valuation24:45
  • Relative Valuation Multiples15:33
  • Relative Valuation Application17:22
  • Dividend Yield and Excess Return Valuation19:52
  • Dividend Yield and Excess Return Application11:07
  • Financial Statement Analysis (FSA) Features14:16
  • Purpose of FSA16:54
  • FSA Balance Sheet19:36
  • FSA Balance Sheet Items27:07
  • FSA Statement of Cost of Goods Sold21:08
  • FSA Statement of Cash Flows12:08
  • Types of FSA Analysis12:11
  • FSA Analysis Techniques 114:28
  • FSA Analysis Techniques 212:01
  • FSA Financial Structure Ratios28:44
  • FSA Activity Ratios13:59
  • FSA Turnover Ratios13:52
  • FSA Profitability Ratios37:28
  • FSA Financial Control11:41
  • Price Formation in Stock Markets12:17
  • Investors04:51
  • Types of Charts Line and Bar16:39
  • Point, Figure, and Candlestick Charts10:04
  • Candlestick Charts19:16
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis26:21
  • Dow Theory17:49
  • Support, Resistance, and Uptrend23:33
  • Downtrend10:26
  • Reversal Patterns30:34
  • Consolidation Patterns15:27
  • Fast Moving Stock Formations19:01
  • Moving Averages33:34
  • Envelopes and Bands10:53
  • Price Indicators32:26
  • Average Directional Index (ADX)11:11
  • Elliott's Basic Principles14:49
  • Elliott's Patterns09:25
  • Fibonacci Tools20:27
  • Technical Analysis in Turkey08:39
Anomalies and Features
  • Anomalies and Seasonal Anomalies07:32
  • Non-Seasonal Anomalies22:39
  • PDDD and FNA Effect12:33
  • Dividend Yield, FS, FK, and Size Effect30:31
Practical Approaches Used in Portfolio Management
  • Average Cost06:02
  • Fixed Value, Fixed Ratio, and Variable Ratio Plan13:12
Application of Different Investment Strategies in BIST
  • Introduction24:37
  • FK and FD EBITDA21:30
  • FK Performance 115:10
  • FK Performance 204:55
  • FD EBITDA Growth 111:27
  • FD EBITDA Growth 206:37
  • FS and FDS Growth24:29
  • Mixed Model10:15
  • Mixed Test 111:06
  • Mixed Test 205:09
  • MACD15:14
  • MACD Test16:09
  • TRIX15:11
  • TRIX Test06:42
  • HNK MOV13:18
  • HNK MOV Test11:51
  • HNK KARMA17:24
  • HNK KARMA Test10:34

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