In-Depth Financial Management

Everything about financial management is here! A unique course with an in-depth perspective.

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  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Risk types and analysis
  • Securities valuation
  • Portfolio management


Financial management may be summed up as the entire process of supplying firms with the capital they require and successfully utilizing that capital to meet their goals and objectives. To increase the value of the businesses, the managers and partners of the companies place a high priority on financial management. The fundamentals of financial management may be summed up as selecting the appropriate asset for investment, establishing the number of funds to be allocated to the chosen assets, and identifying the resources required to deliver funds.

With thorough and clear theoretical knowledge transfer, this course is intended to be a preferred resource even while studying for tests on financial management and general concepts. The training's breadth is fairly broad, and because of this, it appeals to both stock market investors and employees of the capital market, business, and service sectors who wish to learn about finance. A guiding resource on risk management, financial planning and analysis, and portfolio management will be available to those with this course. In addition to the instruction, there will be an opportunity to practice using real questions and answers.


Hünkar İvgen
Hünkar İvgen
Certified Public Accountant and Consultant

Course Content

14 chapters62 videos16 hour 36 minute total time
  • Introduction06:23
General Principles of Financial Management
  • Financial Management19:13
  • FTA Financial Statement Features14:16
  • Purpose of FTA Financial Statement Analysis16:54
  • FTA Balance Sheet19:35
  • Items of the FTA Balance Sheet27:06
  • FTA Statement of Cost of Sales21:05
  • FTA Cash Flow Statement12:09
  • Types of FTA Financial Analysis12:12
  • FTA Financial Analysis Techniques 114:30
  • FTA Financial Analysis Techniques 211:59
  • FTA Financial Structure Ratios28:33
  • FTA Activity Ratios14:02
  • FTA Turnover Rate13:50
  • FTA Profitability Ratios37:18
  • FTA Financial Control11:39
Types and Management of Risks
  • Types and Management of Risks13:26
Financial Planning
  • Financial Planning24:23
  • Proforma Balance Sheet17:23
  • Proforma Income Statement16:39
  • Proforma Fund and Cash Flow Statement04:57
Cost of Capital and Capital Structure
  • Cost of Capital14:18
  • Capital Structure16:00
  • Capital Structure Theories28:45
Working Capital Management and Capital Budgeting
  • Working Capital Management 125:41
  • Working Capital Management 209:32
  • Capital Budgeting25:33
Securities Valuation
  • Market Efficiency and Valuation Concept17:52
  • FC and DCF11:24
  • Valuation13:06
  • Pricing of Futures Contracts17:43
  • Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model03:08
Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Mergers and Acquisitions11:35
International and Alternative Financing Methods
  • International Financial Management06:39
  • Financial Leasing17:23
  • Factoring08:22
  • Factoring and Forfaiting10:43
  • International Financial Management Risk38:36
Return and Risk Calculations in Portfolios
  • Portfolio Introduction08:01
  • Concept of Risk and Return23:51
  • Single Period and Multi-Period Return04:08
  • Multi-Period Return Change Coefficient27:24
  • Risk-Return Example04:30
Portfolio Theory and Portfolio Selection
  • Portfolio Theory07:20
  • Mean-Variance Approach05:35
  • Portfolio Standard Deviation Example04:25
  • Correlation Coefficient and Portfolio Risk20:06
  • Indifference Curves and Efficient Frontier09:57
  • Optimal Portfolio and Capital Asset Pricing Model29:46
  • CAPM and Arbitrage Pricing Model12:12
International Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Performance International Capital Investments11:28
Use of Derivative Instruments in Portfolio Management
  • Derivative Instruments in Portfolio Management21:06
  • Futures Margins10:19
  • Positions in Futures Trading16:58
Questions and Answers
  • Financial Management Questions 1-2027:15
  • Financial Management Questions 21-2205:37
  • Financial Management Questions 23-3018:57
  • Financial Management Questions 31-4025:31
  • Financial Management Questions 41-4507:29
  • Financial Management Questions 46-6025:26
  • Financial Management Questions 61-7017:41
  • Financial Management Questions 71-8217:22

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TRY 744.17

16 hour 36 minute total time
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms