Valuation and Accounting with Financial Mathematics

The math of valuation! Learn basic finance and accounting systems easily from this course.

Fundamental Analysis
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15 hour 42 minute total time
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  • Basic accounting
  • Financial statements and analysis
  • Basic finance math
  • Stock valuation


The accounting information system records, categorizes, summarizes, analyzes, and interprets financial transactions that alter the assets and resources of the business and are expressed in monetary terms for the appropriate individuals and entities. Financial statements are the documents created to regularly update business partners or connected parties on the financial health of an organization. The market value of the firms and the value of their stocks may be determined in light of all these tables and data.

The purpose of the course is to enlighten participants about fundamental concepts in finance and accounting while also providing them with theoretical and practical knowledge of basic finance mathematics, valuation techniques, accounting, and financial analysis. As it includes current themes including financial statements and analysis, fundamental finance mathematics, and stock valuation, our training is geared toward investors, people working in the financial industry, and others who are interested in these subjects. Additionally, it will benefit the participants in getting ready for the tests for the Capital Markets Licensing.


Hünkar İvgen
Hünkar İvgen
Certified Public Accountant and Consultant

Course Content

10 chapters69 videos15 hour 42 minute total time
  • Introduction05:08
Basic Concepts and General Principles of Accounting
  • General Accounting05:24
  • History and Sections21:06
  • Basic Accounting Concepts 110:27
  • Basic Accounting Concepts 211:19
  • Basic Accounting Concepts 329:14
  • Basic Accounting Concepts 413:57
  • Basic Accounting Concepts 510:28
  • Basic Accounting Concepts 631:52
  • 7A Cost Accounting06:27
  • 7A - 7B Group Accounts22:44
  • Documents and Accounts Used in Accounting19:20
  • Valuation Principles MK Valuation09:31
  • Intermittent Inventory Stock Valuation12:47
  • Continuous Inventory Stock Valuation15:54
  • Continuous Inventory Stock Valuation FIFO and LIFO12:56
  • Weighted Average Cost in Continuous Inventory05:06
  • Stock Valuation Net Realizable Value11:15
  • Valuation of Receivables and Liabilities08:06
  • Foreign Currency Transactions and Affiliated Companies04:50
  • Valuation of Tangible Fixed Assets07:34
  • Construction Contracts and Borrowing Costs Valuation13:48
  • Amortization Expense for Tangible Fixed Assets and Rights06:01
  • IFRS Accounting12:27
Documents in Intermediary Institutions
  • Chart of Accounts08:35
  • Document and Recording System11:36
  • MK Transaction Document and Recording System09:22
  • Recording of Borrowings in MK Records04:23
  • Repo and Reverse Repo Accounting Entry06:46
  • Accounting Entry for Short Selling of Securities05:21
Preparation of Financial Statements and Financial Analysis
  • FTA Financial Statement Features14:18
  • Purpose of FTA Financial Statement Analysis16:56
  • FTA Balance Sheet19:38
  • Items of the FTA Balance Sheet27:08
  • FTA Statement of Cost of Sales21:10
  • FTA Cash Flow Statement12:10
  • Types of FTA Financial Analysis12:13
  • FTA Financial Analysis Techniques 114:31
  • FTA Financial Analysis Techniques 212:03
  • FTA Financial Structure Ratios28:46
  • FTA Activity Ratios14:01
  • FTA Turnover Rate13:54
  • FTA Profitability Ratios37:31
  • FTA Financial Control11:43
Concept of Interest and Time Value of Money
  • Concept of Interest and Time Value of Money17:03
  • Simple and Compound Interest Concepts27:51
  • Annuities 122:08
  • Annuities 203:39
Valuation of Securities
  • Market Efficiency and Valuation Concept17:53
  • FK and PDDD11:30
  • Valuation13:24
  • Pricing of Futures Contracts18:07
  • Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model03:13
Concept of Risk and Its Types
  • Concept of Risk and Its Types11:58
SPK Internal Auditing
  • Capital Market Internal Auditing14:53
  • Intermediary Institution Inspection Internal Control06:17
  • Inspector Working Principles04:15
Concept of Index and SPK Used Indexes
  • Concept of Index and Capital Market Instruments17:22
Questions and Solutions
  • Question 1-516:03
  • Question 6-1027:10
  • Question 11-1521:46
  • Question 16-1803:35
  • Question 19-2810:08
  • Question 28-3213:59
  • Question 33-4011:48
  • Question 41-4507:30
  • Question 46-5107:32
  • Question 52-6515:52
  • Question 66-7307:03

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TRY 744.17

15 hour 42 minute total time
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms