Complete Fundamental Analysis and Valuation for Investors

Are you interested in becoming a "broker" or a "investor"? Instead of focusing on the stock price, examine the firm itself.

Fundamental Analysis
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  • Financial ratios
  • Making an income statement estimation
  • Evaluating a firm
  • Identifying long-term investment companies
  • Dividend investing


You need to choose the right firm to invest in before you can make a stock market investment. You should adhere to the advice given to you and make use of the fundamental analytical concepts in order to spot this. These hints may occasionally be concealed in a company's financial statement or during an interview. In reality, balance sheets are not difficult. To thoroughly examine the parts that require attention; It makes it simple to take pictures of businesses.

This course is intended for people with some stock market experience who have purchased and sold stocks but who would like to have a deeper understanding of analyzing and evaluating businesses. In order to better understand balance sheets, their general operation, and the analysis techniques employed, profit calculation techniques will also be demonstrated. Additionally, future price determination processes and value concerns will be explained in a manner that is understandable to investors. The investor is expected to have sufficient understanding of stock investing, fundamental analysis, and business analysis at the conclusion of the course.


Tuncay Turşucu
Tuncay Turşucu
Mathematical Engineer and Financial Analyst


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Course Content

14 chapters31 videos8 hour 6 minute total time
  • Introduction06:04
Balance Sheet Structure
  • Structure of the Balance Sheet17:59
  • Current and Non-current Assets17:44
  • Liabilities and Equity17:12
Income Statement and Operation
  • Income Statement and Operation21:25
Cash Flow Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement19:21
  • Cash Flow Statement Variations09:56
Ratio Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis19:17
  • Ratio Analysis Application 120:16
  • Ratio Analysis Application 217:39
Invested Capital
  • Return on Invested Capital16:22
Operational Net Working Capital
  • Operational Net Working Capital17:51
Dupont Analysis
  • Dupont Analysis 110:57
  • Dupont Analysis 206:23
  • Equity Profitability Analysis14:30
Seasonality Analysis
  • Seasonality Analysis19:50
Impact of Growth and Profitability on Price
  • Impact of Growth and Profitability on Price18:29
Company Valuation Methods
  • Company Valuation Methods08:58
  • Price-to-Earnings Approach17:01
  • Equity Approach PDDD08:41
  • Enterprise Value FCF Approach18:16
  • Fastweb Financial Analysis Application11:11
  • Introduction to Discounted Cash Flow Analysis07:18
  • Required Information for DCF21:59
  • DCF Excel Application21:19
  • DCF Queenstocks Application16:12
  • Dividend Discount Model18:01
Stock Selection for Long-Term Investment
  • Long-Term Stock Selection 112:44
  • Long-Term Stock Selection 224:34
Dividend-Paying Companies
  • Dividend-Paying Companies23:17
  • Closing05:03

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