Brand Valuation Methods in Practice

Learn brand valuation methods through practical application.

Fundamental Analysis
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  • End-to-end brand valuation
  • Brand valuation methods
  • Cost-based method
  • Interbrand method
  • Royalty relief method
  • Profit sharing method
  • Price premium method
  • Perspectives and comparisons of brand valuation methods


A brand fundamentally distinguishes a service or product from others. Brand valuation is the process of determining the price at which the defined BRAND will be sold in the free market.

There are insufficient resources for brand valuation studies, and the existing resources remain theoretical. In this course, brand valuation studies will be conducted entirely based on real data and will be entirely practical from start to finish.

Brand valuation, like many other valuation processes (company valuation, patent valuation, etc.), cannot be based entirely on rational dynamics. However, in this course, both the rational aspect and the irrational subjective aspects of the process will be addressed, progressing as a workshop.


Kenan Çılman
Kenan Çılman
Industrial Engineer, Instructor, Software Developer, Strategist, Corporate Finance Manager, Company Valuation Expert

Course Content

7 chapters14 videos2 hour 28 minute total time
  • Introduction03:02
Overview of Brand Valuation
  • Introduction to Brand Valuation13:40
  • Brand Valuation Methods10:17
Cost-Based Brand Valuation Methods
  • Cost-Based Brand Valuation Method10:29
Income-Based Brand Valuation Methods
  • Profit Sharing Method25:07
  • Equity Cost07:46
  • Beta Calculation16:46
  • Royalty Relief Method10:52
  • Price Premium Method09:18
Mixed Methods
  • Interbrand Method and Its General Logic05:39
  • Interbrand Model and Formulas16:53
  • Interbrand Rating Processes08:21
Brand Valuation Results
  • Results09:49
  • Closing00:11

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