Excel for Finance and Accounting

Excel is the pen and paper of the finance sector. Once you learn Excel, you can consider yourself literate.

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  • Learn Excel from the most basic to the advanced levels.
  • Detailed data analysis and reporting.
  • Financial modeling.
  • Financial strategic planning (Minimum cost modeling, profit maximization, financial optimization, etc.).
  • Financial forecasting modeling.
  • Excel features tailored for finance professionals.
  • Importing external data (from the internet, PDF files, etc.) and live data linking to different sources.
  • Creating current account programs, generating financial statements from balance sheets.
  • Using Excel in the most practical and fastest way (shortcuts, auto-fill, artificial intelligence operations, etc.).
  • Formulas (financial, statistical, reporting, date, logic, etc. all formulas, nested formula writing, and other details).
  • Visual operations (charts, dashboards, comboboxes, spin buttons, etc.).
  • Programming in Excel.


Excel is a fundamental necessity not only in the finance sector but also in almost every industry, and it is as important as being literate. No matter how much you improve yourself in the finance sector, you need Excel to convert your knowledge into action quickly and accurately. However, even individuals who claim to be very proficient in Excel often encounter numerous features related to Excel that they wish they had known earlier. You will come across these features frequently in this course.

The following points stand out in Excel and in this course:

  1. Always think simple in Excel. Excel is designed to solve things in the simplest way possible. As you will see in this course, tasks can be solved so simply that it will probably surprise you how easily they can be solved.
  2. Even for the most complex tasks, Excel has a feature. If a task takes more than a few minutes, there is probably another feature of Excel specifically for that task. You will see these features in this course.
  3. This course is the product of extensive work experience. Consequently, all the questions you may have or will ask are answered within the course. If the answer to a question that comes to your mind is not in that particular video, it is in another video of the course.
  4. Excel, by its structure, gives you the feeling of touching the data. Regardless of the program, Excel provides users with a sense of confidence like no other.


  • Excel 2016 and above versions are recommended.


Kenan Çılman
Kenan Çılman
Industrial Engineer, Instructor, Software Developer, Strategist, Corporate Finance Manager, Company Valuation Expert

Course Content

11 chapters81 videos18 hour 7 minute total time
  • Introduction12:57
Analysis and Reporting Operations
  • Basic Sorting10:47
  • Custom List Sorting11:26
  • Side Sorting11:07
  • Sorting by Colors05:19
  • Sorting Strategies07:16
  • Basic Filtering Operations14:29
  • Special Characters in Filters11:26
  • Filter Applications07:11
  • Filtering by Dates03:00
  • Quick Fill Operations35:21
  • Data Arrangement22:36
  • Table Operations19:39
  • Analysis with Subtotals13:13
  • Manual Grouping06:12
  • General Structure of Formulas08:06
  • Basic Text Formulas25:52
  • Advanced Text Formulas and Operations11:31
  • Basic Statistical Formulas20:28
  • Advanced Statistical Formulas08:48
  • Locking in Formulas16:22
  • IF Formula18:43
  • IF Formula Applications15:01
  • Multiple Statistical Formulas04:39
  • Regular Expressions in Formulas04:38
  • Search Formulas - VLOOKUP17:26
  • Search Formulas - INDEX and MATCH09:09
  • Data Validation16:13
  • Detecting Specific Cells26:44
  • Name Manager24:14
  • Date Formulas36:59
  • Creating Financial Statements08:36
  • Iteration Operations06:23
  • Batch Operations12:30
  • Conditional Formatting30:47
  • Advanced Filters18:49
  • Advanced Filter Applications07:56
  • Financial Formulas - Debt Redemption14:26
  • Financial Formulas - Time Value of Money11:16
Pivot Analysis
  • Basic Pivot Operations11:17
  • Fundamental Operations with Pivot Table10:43
  • Grouping and Seasonality Analysis with Pivot13:33
  • Filtering with Pivot11:02
  • Dashboard Operations12:30
  • Pivot Table Menus11:22
  • Current Account Tracking09:23
  • Expense Tracking Program05:48
  • Generating Balance Sheet from Trial Balance with Pivot05:24
  • Pivot Operations in Multiple Tables19:34
Formatting, Design, and Page Operations
  • Formatting and Design25:19
  • Page Operations and Links21:18
  • AutoFill05:42
  • Cut, Copy, Paste Operations24:09
  • Watch Window09:08
  • Layout and Printing Operations30:02
  • Protection Operations - Cell Protection11:02
  • Protection Operations - Sheet and Workbook Protection04:05
Data Extraction and Processing from Different Sources
  • Extracting Data from PDF Files10:52
  • Importing Data to Different Files11:54
Visual Operations
  • Basic Graphics Drawing Operations20:22
  • Various Graphic Techniques27:01
  • In-Cell Graphics06:48
  • Graphics for the Financial Sector13:18
  • Ready-Made Shape Designs10:08
Financial Modeling and Strategic Planning
  • Break-Even and Sensitivity Analysis19:59
  • Break-Even and Sensitivity Analysis Applications11:39
  • Solver Operations in Excel15:58
  • Production Optimization08:05
  • Minimum Cost Analysis06:43
  • Scenario Analysis10:13
  • Analysis of Financial Models09:35
Financial Forecast Modeling
  • Forecast Operations - Trend Analysis08:53
  • Statistical Forecasts12:46
  • Statistical Forecast Formulas08:33
  • Forecast Applications - Website Application04:37
Excel Practical Solutions
  • F4 Shortcut Key04:00
  • Developer Menu12:25
  • Match List Menu05:33
  • Transferring Data with Formulas from Different Sheets14:00
  • Multiple Forecast Programming23:39
  • Conclusion00:28

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18 hour 7 minute total time
116 downloadable documents
Lifetime access
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