Economic Research Report Writing Techniques

Your horizons will be opened in economic research reporting! A unique training on reporting and interpreting from the expert.

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  • The importance of the research report
  • Accurate reporting techniques
  • Reporting in the economy
  • Report reading and interpretation


Economic research reports are recommendations made by people who often work as analysts or strategists at institutions on a variety of topics and circumstances, such as a particular stock, industrial sector, commodity, or fixed-income instrument. The usage of research reports is widespread, from businesses performing market research to internal communications inside big corporations. This makes reading and analyzing a study report just as crucial as drafting one.

The purpose of this course is to teach the writing processes and factors to be taken into account while producing economic research papers. Additionally, it aims to enhance the participants' capacity for reading and comprehending study findings. Beyond the typical templates, the true significance of the research report will be examined, and the best practices for drafting one will be shared. Throughout your working life, you will be able to apply the skills you gain through this course.


Şevin Ekinci
Şevin Ekinci
Presenter and Economist

Course Content

4 chapters21 videos2 hour 1 minute total time
  • Introduction to the Course04:49
Economy and Reporting
  • The Importance of Reporting in Economics03:05
  • Languages Used in Economic Reporting02:48
  • Tools Used in Economic Reporting01:35
  • Types of Reports03:03
  • Essential Elements of a Good Research Report02:47
  • Things to Consider Before Starting10:40
  • Comparison of Research Reports in Turkey and Worldwide02:59
Writing Techniques
  • Comparison of Reports by Brokerage Firms and Public Companies01:22
  • Formatting and Font Type of Research Reports04:31
  • Line Spacing, Title, Footnote, and Page Numbering07:15
  • Content of Research Reports09:12
  • Organization of Research Report Sections08:29
  • Writing Styles in Research Reports05:39
  • Sections to Include in Research Reports10:10
  • Internal Company Correspondence07:16
  • Use of Tables and Graphics in Research Reports04:17
  • Tables and Graphics in Research Reports10:01
  • Preparing Tables and Graphics for Research Reports11:17
Report Interpretation
  • Interpreting Research Reports Correctly05:44
  • Speed Reading Techniques04:37

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