Telephone Sales Techniques

Break the teleselling perception! Learn how to break and manage customer perception with the right techniques in this course.

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  • What to do in a crisis environment
  • Telephone communication
  • Communication with difficult customers
  • Use of hypnotic language


Today, a common sales tactic is to educate consumers about goods and services or close deals over the phone. It is practical in terms of applicability because telephone sales may be conducted from a call center, workplace, or home. A number of clients, however, who can't be reached by physical sales methods may now be reached by enterprises owing to telephone sales.

This course has been designed to give advice and recommendations for real-world usage that will enhance your ability to close deals over the phone in emergencies. When a customer is contacted for information, an appointment, or a transaction, some concepts for understanding and controlling the perception that results will be discussed. The participants will be given examples derived from chatting on the phone scenarios that will help them understand how to enhance their telephone sales abilities. Along with all of these, details on the definition of a crisis, crisis management strategies, and marketing initiatives will also be provided.


Devrim Ersöz
Devrim Ersöz
Management Consultant and Author

Course Content

13 chapters13 videos58 minute total time
  • Introduction01:12
Perception of Sales Over the Phone
  • Perception of Sales Over the Phone02:21
Common Misconceptions
  • Common Misconceptions05:44
Approach to Phone Sales
  • Approach to Phone Sales02:06
Customer Expectations
  • Customer Expectations03:59
Preparation Process
  • Preparation Process02:12
Making an Effective Opening
  • Making an Effective Opening06:04
Asking Questions and Listening
  • Asking Questions and Listening04:52
Effective Product and Service Presentation
  • Effective Product and Service Presentation02:54
Hypnotic Language
  • Hypnotic Language09:53
Selling to Different Customer Profiles
  • Selling to Different Customer Profiles04:05
Objection Handling
  • Objection Handling08:39
Closing the Sale
  • Closing the Sale04:11

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