Customer Analysis and Personality Types

Sales start with the customer! Being successful in sales is possible by understanding the customer right.

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  • Customers' perception of sales and vendors
  • Sources of motivation of different generations
  • Customer types and communication approaches
  • Personality analysis with DISC and colors


Customers are people or organizations who purchase goods or services from a business. Due to the fact that they enhance sales, customers are the most significant players in the sales process. Because companies believe that "the customer is always right," they should reward satisfied clients whose wants are recognized and addressed by paying them. Businesses frequently evaluate customer profiles and categorize clients based on characteristics like age, ethnicity, gender, and income level in an effort to reach out to more customers. These analyses help firms in expanding ties with current clients and attracting new ones.

This course was designed to teach how to analyze clients quickly, to provide accurate information about the customer behavior patterns in various profiles, and to discuss the best communication strategies for each profile. We'll look at how the ideas of marketing and consumer expectations relate to one another and how they differ. It will be discussed how customers see sellers and sales, as well as how these views have changed throughout the years. The DISC and color analysis ideas will be used to evaluate personality types at the conclusion of the course.


Devrim Ersöz
Devrim Ersöz
Management Consultant and Author

Course Content

11 chapters14 videos36 minute total time
  • Introduction00:45
Changing Marketing Mix
  • Changing Marketing Mix02:02
Customer Innocence
  • Customer Innocence01:36
Changing Customer Expectations Over Time
  • Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow of Customer Expectations02:24
Empowering the Customer
  • Empowering the Customer02:34
Relationship Management
  • Relationship Management01:22
  • Generations04:30
Motivation of Generation Y
  • Motivation of Generation Y01:22
Customer Expectations
  • Customer Expectations03:17
Personality Profiles
  • Personality Profiles01:55
Personality Colors
  • Red Personality03:26
  • Yellow Personality04:06
  • Green Personality02:47
  • Blue Personality04:20

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