Marketing and Sales Management for Starters

Sales and marketing concepts will be easier to understand than ever before!

Private Pension Systems
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  • Definition and evolution of marketing
  • Pricing strategies
  • Product development
  • Positioning and promotion activities


The Pension Monitoring Center conducts inspections for individual pension intermediaries in line with Article 5 of the Regulation on Private Pension Intermediaries, which came into effect in 2009. The tests' main goal is to grant applicants with licenses that demonstrate their professional capabilities. Within the parameters of this test, the sales management and marketing module comprises of fifteen questions.

The purpose of this course is to disseminate fundamental marketing and sales management knowledge that will help students prepare for the fifteen questions on marketing and sales management on the private pension intermediation test. Market research and its many varieties will be covered in this program, which will also provide technical knowledge on all marketing principles. Those who are already studying for the test will also have a great resource thanks to the comprehensive training that will help the participants to be knowledgeable about the sales process and have a strong command of sales management.


Devrim Ersöz
Devrim Ersöz
Management Consultant and Author

Course Content

24 chapters28 videos53 minute total time
  • Introduction00:38
Basic Needs and Maslow's Hierarchy
  • Basic Needs and Maslow's Hierarchy02:23
Definition of Marketing
  • Definition of Marketing01:00
Marketing Mix
  • Marketing Mix00:53
From 4P's to 4C's
  • From 4P's to 4C's00:47
Evolution of Marketing
  • Evolution of Marketing01:02
Marketing Environment
  • Marketing Environment00:32
Macro and Micro Environmental Factors
  • Macro Environmental Factors00:40
  • Macro Environmental Factors Detail03:00
  • Micro Environmental Factors00:47
Consumer Market and Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Market and Consumer Behavior02:28
Purchase Factors
  • Purchase Factors03:29
Purchase Decision Process
  • Purchase Decision Process01:35
Four Decision Factors
  • Four Decision Factors01:03
Industrial and International Markets
  • Industrial Markets01:56
  • International Markets01:19
Market Research
  • Market Research02:31
Market Segmentation
  • Market Segmentation03:52
  • Positioning03:19
Product Classification
  • Product Classification01:49
Factors Influencing the Product Mix
  • Factors Influencing the Product Mix01:47
Product Development and Life Cycle
  • Product Development and Life Cycle02:18
Pricing Strategies
  • Pricing Strategies05:08
  • New Product Pricing Strategies00:53
  • Promotion01:05
  • Advertising02:34
Personal Selling
  • Personal Selling03:08
  • Conclusion00:59

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