Voluntary Participation Funds

Peacefully saying "hi" to retirement! Learn about all elements of funds for voluntary participation.

Private Pension Systems
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  • Fund concept
  • Private pension funds management
  • Fund selection principles
  • Investing through funds


The private pension system, which has had constant development since its founding in 2003, accelerated its rise in 2013 thanks to the 25% state contribution. The private pension system is a system in which mutual funds are used to route the system participants' contributions to both local and international money and capital markets. Funds increase in value as invested assets increase in value or as new sources of income are added to the portfolio, such as dividends, interest, and rental income. By paying the system either monthly or all at once, participants can save money over the long run. The participants should modify the fund distribution, which necessitates that they are familiar with the markets, aware of the funds being given to them, and capable of using those funds as investment instruments.

This course has been designed to cover topics including what private pension system funds are, what types of assets may be invested with them, and how market fluctuations affect fund returns. Participants will learn how to use monies through Voluntary Participation as an investing tool. Participants will also discover comprehensive explanations of how private pension funds are organized, what factors are taken into account when managing them, what types of assets are invested in, and what factors should be taken into account when choosing funds.


Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Private Pension Specialist, Technical Analyst and Writer


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Course Content

11 chapters36 videos1 hour 18 minute total time
  • Introduction01:01
What is an Investment Fund?
  • What is an Investment Fund?02:11
  • Advantages of Funds01:43
  • Disadvantages of Funds01:53
What is Participation Share?
  • What is Participation Share?01:45
Principles in Fund Management
  • Principles in Fund Management01:33
Management of Funds
  • Management of Funds01:03
Valuation of Fund Portfolios
  • Valuation of Fund Portfolios01:30
Expense Items of Pension Investment Funds
  • Expense Items of Pension Investment Funds01:51
Investment Instruments in Pension Funds
  • Investment Instruments in Pension Funds02:34
  • Time Deposits and Participation Accounts01:26
  • Debt Instruments02:55
  • Equity Securities01:31
  • Gold and Precious Metals00:58
  • Derivative Instruments02:34
  • Clearinghouse Money Market Transactions00:47
  • Rent Certificates00:54
  • Investment Fund Participation Shares02:16
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)01:32
  • Asset-Backed and Asset-Backed Securities03:48
Types of Pension Funds
  • Types of Pension Funds04:42
  • Equity Fund02:50
  • Debt Securities Fund05:18
  • Participation Fund03:21
  • Mixed Fund01:32
  • Money Market Fund02:42
  • Precious Metals Funds00:44
  • Index Fund03:18
  • Government Contribution Funds03:34
  • Variable Fund01:54
  • Standard Fund03:15
  • Basket Fund01:01
  • Lifecycle and Target Fund01:30
  • Group Pension Funds for Employees03:20
Risk Profile Questionnaire
  • Risk Profile Questionnaire02:43
  • Conclusion01:02

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TRY 155.43

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