Group Pension Agreements from A to Z

Two birds with one stone! A retirement plan that will strengthen the bond between employer and employee.

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  • Group pension agreements
  • Advantages of the system
  • Participant rights and progress
  • Entitlement to retirement


A group pension plan or contract is the mechanism through which the company makes contribution payments on behalf of its employees to provide additional income for their employees during the retirement period. The most significant benefits for the employer may be categorized as the taxation of payments made on behalf of the employee to this system within specific parameters and the improvement in motivation and performance due to the loyalty developed between the employee and the firm. By choosing the progress payment period, companies in this system can also find a way to retain qualified workers for a longer length of time; however, the chosen period cannot be more than seven years after the employee participates in the group pension agreements.

This course was created to thoroughly describe group pension arrangements. The conveyance of data about system entry and progress payments. The issue of collective and periodic repayments in case of eligibility for retirement was given a major position in the course, even though the incentives offered to the employer and the rights of the participants participating in the system were well discussed. Along with all these advantages, a thorough explanation of taxation and deductions in group pension agreements will be provided. With this instruction, one by one, all the ambiguities surrounding group pension contracts in retirement planning will vanish.


Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Private Pension Specialist, Technical Analyst and Writer


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Course Content

10 chapters27 videos47 minute total time
  • Introduction00:53
What is a Group Pension Agreement
  • What is a Group Pension Agreement04:11
  • Employer Group Pension Agreement02:55
Incentives Provided to Employers
  • Incentives Provided to Employers01:15
Accrual Period
  • Accrual Period02:22
Rights of Participants
  • Rights of Participants01:18
  • Right of Withdrawal01:35
  • Plan and Portfolio Change Right01:27
  • Contribution Change and Suspension Right02:12
  • Transfer of Savings to Another Company Right01:35
  • Exemption from Seizure and Pledge in Employer Group Pension02:40
  • Government Contribution Entitlement02:02
Eligibility for Retirement
  • Eligibility for Retirement02:04
  • Lump Sum Payment00:49
  • Scheduled Repayment01:26
  • Annual Income Insurance00:56
Taxation in Individual Pension
  • Taxation in Individual Pension01:35
Deductions in Group Pension Agreements
  • Entrance Fee and Management Fee Deduction01:45
  • Additional Management Fee Deduction in Case of Suspension00:53
  • Fund Operating Fee Deduction00:48
  • Total Fund Fee Deduction02:34
  • Performance Deduction and Service Fee01:58
  • Initial Five-Year Deduction Limit01:22
  • Deduction Limitation After 202101:35
  • Deduction Refund02:05
Investment Options in Individual Pension
  • Investment Options in Individual Pension01:58
  • Conclusion00:40

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