Auto Enrollment System Funds with All Aspects

Did you know that you can choose funds in Auto Enrollment System? You will learn in this course the details that will illuminate your decision-making.

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  • Mutual funds and fund management
  • Fund portfolio valuation
  • Auto Enrollment System fund types
  • Risk profile survey


Employees who are enrolled automatically have the option to leave within the first two months. Private pension firms provide the participants a start-up money during this time, with or without interest. With the fund they select, the participants enter the capital markets for the first time as a result of their decisions. Continue using the original fund, or continue using the standard funds and alternative funds (conservative fund, balanced fund, dynamic fund, and aggressive fund) supplied at specific periods, if you're still in the system. On the other hand, individuals are free to alter the alternatives for interest-bearing or interest-free funds that they chose initially.

This course has been designed to enlighten participants about the monies available through Auto Enrollment System funds. Employees who are part of the system will receive fundamental and helpful knowledge about mutual funds and fund management. The amount of money that can be sent when entering the Auto Enrollment System and whether it stays will be explained in great detail. You will have the chance to customize the automated enrollment system you are a part of in accordance with your preferences thanks to this thorough and fluid instruction.


Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Private Pension Specialist, Technical Analyst and Writer


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Course Content

12 chapters27 videos51 minute total time
  • Introduction01:49
What is an Investment Fund?
  • What is an Investment Fund?02:11
  • Advantages of Funds01:43
  • Disadvantages of Funds01:53
Participation Share
  • Participation Share01:45
Principles in Fund Management
  • Principles in Fund Management01:33
Management of Funds
  • Management of Funds01:03
Valuation of Fund Portfolios
  • Valuation of Fund Portfolios01:30
Expense Items of Pension Investment Funds
  • Expense Items of Pension Investment Funds01:51
Investment Instruments in Pension Funds
  • Investment Instruments in Pension Funds01:17
  • Time Deposits and Participation Accounts01:26
  • Debt Instruments02:55
  • Equity Securities01:31
  • Gold and Precious Metals00:58
  • Derivative Instruments02:34
  • Clearinghouse Money Market Transactions00:47
  • Rent Certificates00:54
  • Investment Fund Participation Shares02:16
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)01:32
  • Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)01:55
Types of OKS Funds
  • Types of OKS Funds01:29
  • Starting Fund03:37
  • Standard Funds03:35
  • Variable Funds01:55
Performance Threshold of OKS Funds
  • Performance Threshold of OKS Funds03:32
Risk Profile Questionnaire
  • Risk Profile Questionnaire02:43
  • Conclusion00:41

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