Private Pension from A to Z

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Private Pension Systems
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  • Getting to know the private pension system
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Pension system in Turkey
  • Taxation in the system


Individual retirement is a voluntary or required savings and investment scheme designed to be used in old age that is separate from the broader social insurance system. A private pension, which is not regarded as a kind of insurance, is a different way to save money in addition to the social security system. This system consists of the savings produced by the state contributions and their returns, as well as the contributions that the members deposit under the terms outlined in a contract. In a private pension, the participant sets the amount of the contribution; however, the state contribution is set at 30% of the contribution. The use of this system is expanding daily as a result of public social security systems becoming more and more accessible.

This course was created to identify individual pensions, highlight important contract clauses, and clarify the roles of participant share and state contribution. Additionally, a thorough explanation of the participants in the system's rights, deductions, and taxation will be provided. Through this program, participants will gain knowledge of the private pension system, understand its benefits and drawbacks, and learn how to take full use of it.


Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Private Pension Specialist, Technical Analyst and Writer


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Course Content

14 chapters31 videos54 minute total time
  • Introduction02:10
What is Individual Retirement
  • What is Individual Retirement02:08
  • Advantages02:01
  • Disadvantages01:50
Participation in the System
  • Participation in the System01:20
Individual Retirement in Turkey
  • Individual Retirement in Turkey01:16
Individual Retirement Contracts
  • Individual Retirement Contracts02:00
Retirement Plan
  • Retirement Plan02:26
Contribution and Its Journey
  • Contribution and Its Journey02:16
Rights of Participants
  • Rights of Participants01:18
  • Right of Withdrawal01:21
  • Plan and Portfolio Change Right01:23
  • Contribution Change and Payment Suspension Right04:06
  • Transfer of Savings to Another Company Right02:40
  • Exemption from Seizure and Pledge01:43
Government Contribution Entitlement
  • Government Contribution Entitlement02:02
Eligibility for Retirement
  • Eligibility for Retirement02:04
  • Lump Sum Payment00:49
  • Scheduled Repayment01:26
  • Annual Income Insurance00:56
Taxation in Individual Retirement
  • Taxation in Individual Retirement01:35
Deductions in Individual Retirement
  • Entrance Fee and Management Fee Deduction01:45
  • Additional Management Fee Deduction in Case of Suspension00:53
  • Fund Operating Fee Deduction00:47
  • Total Fund Fee Deduction02:34
  • Performance Deduction and Service Fee01:58
  • Initial Five-Year Deduction Limit01:22
  • Deduction Limitation After 202101:35
  • Deduction Refund02:05
Investment Options in Individual Retirement
  • Investment Options in Individual Retirement01:58
  • Conclusion00:51

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