Introduction to Mutual Funds

There are investments available for all budgets! Mutual funds are on your side if you lack understanding and have money. With the help of this course, learn all the foundations of mutual funds.

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  • Mutual funds operating logic
  • Advantage and disadvantage review
  • Financial instruments in the portfolio
  • Market analysis with technical knowledge


A mutual fund is described as a group of investors that contribute to the fund and have a portfolio made up of financial instruments from the capital and money markets that are distributed according to risk. At the rates authorized by Capital Markets Board law and following the investing philosophy of the fund, investment instruments are added to this portfolio. Because it permits transactions with sums that cannot invest or earn on their own, it is favored. However, having the option to invest in financial products for which their technical expertise is lacking is one of the reasons why investors like them.

This course has been designed to demonstrate how to utilize mutual funds as a tool by studying their principles, logic of operation, benefits, and drawbacks. Education can help you understand the creation and operation of mutual funds, from the assets in the portfolio to the fund kinds, from the foundation stage of the fund to the entire deduction of the fund. The investors will be informed of the ways to make money and how to utilize it as a tool for investing in light of this knowledge. You will appreciate using mutual funds to control risk in the financial and capital markets.


Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Private Pension Specialist, Technical Analyst and Writer


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Course Content

9 chapters54 videos1 hour 36 minute total time
  • Introduction01:29
Concept of Investment
  • Concept of Investment03:11
What is an Investment Fund
  • What is an Investment Fund02:16
  • Establishment of an Investment Fund02:33
  • Rights of Participants01:50
  • Participation Share Price02:39
  • Places to Buy Participation Shares01:25
  • Advantages of Investment Funds03:04
  • Disadvantages of Investment Funds02:38
Fundamental Principles of Investment Funds
  • Fundamental Principles of Investment Funds01:14
  • Risk Diversification01:29
  • Professional Management01:33
  • Fiduciary Ownership01:19
  • Securities Portfolio Management01:29
  • Asset Protection02:38
Participant Information
  • Participant Information01:07
  • Internal Regulations02:07
  • Prospectus01:25
  • Investor Information Form01:22
  • Financial Statements of the Fund00:59
  • Portfolio Distribution Report00:53
Cost Components of Funds
  • Cost Components of Funds02:48
Types of Funds
  • Types of Funds01:40
  • Stock Exchange Investment Fund01:13
  • Foreign Investment Funds01:06
  • Venture Capital Investment Funds02:18
  • Real Estate Investment Funds01:19
  • Umbrella Fund02:36
  • Debt Instruments Umbrella Fund04:16
  • Equity Umbrella Fund02:15
  • Precious Metals Umbrella Fund01:25
  • Basket of Funds Umbrella Fund00:56
  • Money Market Umbrella Fund00:46
  • Participation Umbrella Fund01:38
  • Variable Umbrella Fund01:14
  • Free Umbrella Fund01:18
  • Guaranteed and Protection Funds02:32
  • Mixed Umbrella Fund01:08
  • Special Umbrella Funds for Employees01:52
Investment Instruments of Funds
  • Investment Instruments of Funds01:42
  • Time Deposits and Participation Accounts01:30
  • Government Debt Securities01:38
  • Private Sector Debt Securities01:26
  • Repo and Reverse Repo Transactions01:34
  • Stocks01:59
  • Gold and Precious Metals01:44
  • Derivative Instruments02:03
  • Warrants01:13
  • Clearing and Exchange Money Market Transactions01:08
  • Lease Certificates00:53
  • Participation Shares of Funds01:00
  • Real Estate Certificates01:25
  • Asset and Mortgage-Backed Securities04:50
  • Closing00:45

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