Auto Enrollment System from A to Z

Prepare for the future with government assistance! Learn about the auto enrollment system you are a part of to help shape your future.

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  • Getting to know the auto enrollment system
  • Entring the system and withdrawal
  • State contribution and retirement
  • Fund options in auto enrollment systems


Employers in Turkey are required to enroll their employees in the auto enrolment system as of January 1, 2019. The employer is now required to enroll all workers who are Republic of Turkey nationals under the age of 45 in the auto enrolment system. According to their choices for interest or interest-free funds, employers enroll their employees in the system. There is no requirement for the employee to use this system. When a business first enrolls in the automatic enrollment program, it remains enrolled even if the number of employees drops below the five to nine needed to qualify.

The goal of this course is to inform the participants about the new auto enrollment system and to provide a detailed explanation of it. The responsibilities of the employer in implementing the auto enrolment system and how it differs from the private pension's voluntary scheme will be discussed. Additionally, a thorough explanation of the players in the system's rights, deductions, and taxation will be provided. You will get a thorough understanding of the auto enrollment system during this program, and you'll get to put what you learn into practice when you choose whether or not to remain in the system.


Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Private Pension Specialist, Technical Analyst and Writer


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Course Content

12 chapters23 videos45 minute total time
  • Introduction02:04
What is Automatic Enrollment
  • What is Automatic Enrollment03:43
  • Entry into the Automatic Enrollment System02:05
  • Government Contribution in Automatic Enrollment03:27
Difference Between Automatic Enrollment and Voluntary Private Pension System (BES)
  • Difference Between Automatic Enrollment and Voluntary BES02:33
Employer Obligations in Automatic Enrollment
  • Employer Obligations in Automatic Enrollment01:15
Leaving Employment and Changing Workplace in Automatic Enrollment
  • Leaving Employment in Automatic Enrollment01:39
  • Changing Workplace in Automatic Enrollment02:50
Rights of Participants
  • Rights of Participants01:18
  • Right of Withdrawal02:58
  • Right to Change Plan and Portfolio Allocation01:07
  • Right to Change Contribution Amount and Suspend Payments01:46
  • Right to Transfer Savings to Another Company01:33
  • Exemption from Seizure and Pledge01:43
Government Contribution Entitlement
  • Government Contribution Entitlement03:10
Eligibility for Retirement
  • Eligibility for Retirement02:04
  • Lump Sum Payment00:49
  • Scheduled Repayment01:26
  • Annual Income Insurance00:56
Taxation in Individual Retirement
  • Taxation in Individual Retirement01:35
Deductions in Automatic Enrollment
  • Deductions in Automatic Enrollment01:14
Fund Options in Automatic Enrollment
  • Fund Options in Automatic Enrollment03:01
  • Conclusion00:49

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