Everything to Know About Individual Pension

You will put an end to asking, 'What is the individual pension system?' All your questions about using ISP as an investment tool will be answered in this course.

Private Pension Systems
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  • Learning the Individual Pension System
  • Differences between ISP, SGK, and AES
  • Using ISP as an accumulation and investment tool
  • Key points for gaining efficiency from individual pension
  • Participant rights in the Individual Pension System
  • Understanding deductions when exiting ISP
  • Understanding the Automatic Enrollment System


With the modern industrial age and the decrease in the need for human labor in employment due to advancing technology, and the increase in average life expectancy, the wheels of these social security systems are quite strained. This has led to the emergence of systems where individuals can accumulate savings in the desired proportions for their own retirement during their active working years. The name of this new system is the Individual Pension System (ISP). The greatest benefit of the Individual Pension System, which is finding more and more acceptance among wider audiences day by day, is the opportunity to accumulate savings steadily and be rewarded with state contributions in return. In addition to conventional social security, ISP, which ensures people secure their present and future, will become an indispensable savings and investment system for future workers.

This course is prepared to eliminate questions such as what is the individual pension system, how do I participate, what are the benefits? Starting with the journey from the emergence of the Individual Pension System to the present day, you will find a comparison of the social security benefits offered by SGK and the premiums paid by employees. While explaining how to choose retirement plans in the system and what to pay attention to when making a choice, information will be shared about using ISP as more than just a retirement or accumulation tool, using it as an investment tool. Comparing traditional investment tools and learning their advantages in detail, you will examine the advantages and disadvantages of investment tools such as the stock market, stocks, fixed-income securities, currency transactions, and investment funds compared to ISP. You will acquire all the information necessary to make choices according to your own risk perception. In the light of all this information, you will learn what you need to do to use individual retirement most efficiently by participating in the system. In addition, the course will cover the guarantees offered by the Individual Pension System and the deductions participants may encounter in cases of withdrawal, exit, and cancellation. The course will also include the Automatic Enrollment System, and similarities and differences with ISP will be emphasized. Whether you are on the path to individual retirement as a savings tool, retirement guarantee, or investment tool, watch this course before taking a step into individual retirement to learn all the details about ISP.


Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Zeynep Candan Aktaş
Private Pension Specialist, Technical Analyst and Writer

Course Content

6 chapters13 videos1 hour 55 minute total time
  • Introduction02:30
Why Should I Get Individual Pension?
  • What is the Individual Pension System (IPS)?07:32
  • How Does the Individual Pension System Work?05:02
  • Retirement Plans in IPS09:31
  • Difference Between IPS and SGK07:48
Rights and Costs in IPS
  • Participant's Rights in IPS22:06
  • Guarantees of IPS05:47
  • Deductions and Costs in IPS13:16
IPS Investment
  • IPS and Investment Tools18:42
Automatic Enrollment System
  • What is the Automatic Enrollment System (AES)?08:36
  • AES Funds and Costs03:54
  • Differences Between AES and IPS08:44
  • Closing01:51

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