Becoming a Private Pension Advisor

Reinvent the concept of a salesman! Easily climb the steps of successful sales with this course.

Soft Skills
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  • Basic selling techniques
  • Customer types and communication
  • Objection-taking and effective listening
  • How to Close a Sale


Selling more sophisticated products and services than actual goods and services is a challenging undertaking for salespeople of insurance and financial products. In order to sell financial and insurance goods, medium- and long-term client connections must be developed. Use a healthy sales strategy that fosters customer loyalty as a result of this. The sales permission provided by the pension supervision center is required in order to become an individual pension intermediary. Licensed intermediaries get training from the business they will work for, after which they submit an application to the pension monitoring center. The intermediary sale is approved if the application is deemed suitable and full.

This course has been designed to educate you on the sales of private pensions and insurance as well as the tools needed to be a successful seller. We will look at the aspects that influence sales performance in three stages: pre-sale planning, building a client portfolio, and sales procedure. The training will include sales techniques that intermediaries who wish to handle this process will need in addition to the technical material that will serve as the foundation for private pension sales.


Devrim Ersöz
Devrim Ersöz
Management Consultant and Author

Course Content

23 chapters35 videos1 hour 8 minute total time
  • Introduction00:39
Preparation Stages
  • Psychological Preparation 103:00
  • Psychological Preparation 200:21
  • Psychological Preparation 303:15
  • Information Preparation01:11
  • Company Presentation00:59
  • Physical Preparation00:26
Essentials for the Meeting
  • Essentials for the Meeting01:49
Sales Kit
  • Sales Kit02:18
  • Magic5001:27
Cold and Warm Referrals
  • Cold and Warm Referrals01:03
Getting to Know the Customer
  • Getting to Know the Customer00:44
Pension Customer Types
  • Pension Customer Types01:04
Setting Up Appointments on the Phone
  • Setting Up Appointments on the Phone 100:43
  • Setting Up Appointments on the Phone 200:42
  • Setting Up Appointments on the Phone 302:51
  • Setting Up Appointments on the Phone 403:07
I Don't Need It Objection
  • I Don't Need It Objection00:57
Meeting Stages
  • Meeting Stages03:04
Sales Pyramid
  • Sales Pyramid01:04
Space Utilization
  • Space Utilization02:21
Entering the Meeting
  • Entering the Meeting00:37
Asking Questions
  • Introduction to Asking Questions01:00
  • Types of Questions00:45
  • General Explanation of Question Types03:00
  • Pension Question Set01:27
Customer Types
  • Customer Types04:00
Confirming the Problem
  • Confirming the Problem01:01
Benefit Associations
  • Benefit Associations03:22
Listening Activity
  • Listening Activity02:10
Need Feature Benefit Chain
  • Need Feature Benefit Chain02:19
Handling Objections
  • Handling Objections03:39
  • Handling Objections Examples06:11
Closing the Sale
  • Closing the Sale02:51
  • Conclusion and Getting References02:49

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TRY 165.44

1 hour 8 minute total time
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms