Respectful Workplace

Raise awareness against violence, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace

Soft Skills
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  • Learn definitions and awareness of inappropriate behavior encountered in working life
  • Learn signs of psychological harassment
  • Learn what workplace violence encompasses
  • Learn types of workplace violence
  • Learn how to create and maintain respectful workplace


A respectful workplace is an integral part of the organizational culture that should be reflected in the behavior of every employee at all levels. Respect in the workplace is of critical importance for creating a healthy work environment. A strong culture of respect ensures that all employees feel valued.

Being valued and respected helps employees develop a sense of commitment to the organization, enhances their motivation, and contributes to job satisfaction within a positive work environment. Employees who do not show respect towards others are unprofessional and threaten their company's well-being and success. Conflicts can arise in almost any workplace from time to time. Such disagreements can decrease productivity, demotivation, misunderstandings, and workplace unrest.

Respect is about accepting a person with all their qualities and treating them with dignity. Respect should be upheld as a standard in the workplace, regardless of personal feelings.

This training program will provide fundamental knowledge to lay the foundation for constructing a culture of respect in the workplace.


Çağlar Çabuk
Çağlar Çabuk
Human Management and Organizational Development Consultant, Trainer

Course Content

5 chapters8 videos20 minute total time
  • Introduction00:44
What a Respectful Workplace Should Look Like
  • What a Respectful Workplace Should Look Like01:19
  • Concepts02:44
Workplace Violence
  • Types of Workplace Violence06:06
  • Signs of Psychological Harassment03:37
  • Situations Confused with Workplace Violence02:50
  • Actions to Take Against Workplace Violence02:32
  • Closure00:10

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