Principles of Providing Feedback in the Performance Evaluation Process

How clearly do you communicate with your employees?

Soft Skills

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  • Types of feedback
  • Competencies required for evaluators to express performance expectations clearly
  • Stages of the performance feedback process
  • Profile of the performance evaluator


Performance evaluation is an effective and developmental process in which the performance expected from employees is clearly defined, the manager monitors the employee's performance, and the employee is given sufficient and necessary feedback at the right time.

A professional who works as a performance evaluator must have certain competencies to make an effective and developmental evaluation.

This course will provide basic information about the competencies that managers involved in the performance appraisal process should have and the issues they should be aware of.


Çağlar Çabuk
Çağlar Çabuk
Human Management and Organizational Development Consultant, Trainer

Course Content

5 chapters5 videos8 minute total time
  • Introduction00:20
Performance Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation01:49
Effective Questioning and Feedback
  • Effective Questioning and Feedback03:34
Employee Motivation and Performance Feedback
  • Employee Motivation and Performance Feedback02:40
  • Closure00:13

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