The Hidden Side of the Price-to-Book Ratio

Interpreting the Market to Book ratio correctly enables you to make accurate and high-quality investments. You will understand how misleading it is to rely solely on industry averages and realize that there are actually various other parameters at play.

Fundamental Analysis
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  • Fully grasp what the M/B ratio is.
  • Make more informed stock selections with simple applications.
  • Prevent taking positions at overly expensive prices.
  • Better understand whether a price is expensive or not.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of the relationship between M/B, P/E, and return on equity.


This course has two main objectives. The first is to better equip investors to understand the M/B ratio and to see that this ratio is an inseparable consequence of commonly used P/E and return on equity. When applied with this perspective, investors can invest in more high-quality companies at reasonable prices and better discern whether a price is expensive.

Another aim of this course is to provide someone who has never taken video course before with an understanding and experience in this area. It also aims to familiarize the learner with the instructor, their teaching style, and how beneficial such course can be.

Regardless of the field, receiving course in a certain area has always been advantageous in becoming more knowledgeable. As you will see in this course, with a few simple applications, you will be able to identify cheap companies based on profitability and even create a portfolio consisting of high-return companies.


Tuncay Turşucu
Tuncay Turşucu
Mathematical Engineer and Financial Analyst

Course Content

4 chapters5 videos1 hour 1 minute total time
  • Introduction04:28
A Different Perspective on M/B Ratio
  • A Different Perspective on M/B Ratio24:22
  • Application 115:02
  • Application 213:30
  • Conclusion04:16

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