Stock Selection and Fundamental Analysis

Look at that chart, what does it say? If you are hesitant to make the right choice, the solution is in this course!

Fundamental Analysis
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  • Tips for selecting compaines
  • Subtleties of stock selection
  • Analytical perspective in fundamental analysis
  • Forward valuation


People want to spend their savings as profitably as possible. The rising diversity of assets has made this review process—which at first appeared straightforward—more challenging, complicated, and skill-intensive. Investors' initial thought is always, "What investing instrument will I employ with the money I have on hand?" The investor's attitude toward risk has a significant impact on the type of investment instrument chosen. Investor can store their funds in a bank for a specific maturity at a set interest rate if they don't like risk and don't want to take risks. In this instance, the investor's return is calculated for the duration of the time. The stock market presents investors with factors that need to be clarified and calculated as it waits for those looking to boost returns.

This course will assist the investor in choosing companies and stocks based on the preconditions established with the appropriate parameters using fundamental analysis. With unique ratios, graphical representations, and analytical techniques not previously experienced in fundamental analysis, it will leave no questions unanswered and allow people to experience the comfort of selecting the correct business and stock with financial analysis. However, this course, which has been produced by filtering through experience, will be a special guide for all investors and candidates who are caught in the middle of the elections for those who wish to invest in the future. Along with receiving education, you will also get the chance to witness how the previously mentioned theoretical information is put to use in the Fastweb Financial Analysis Pro program with expanded usage areas.


Yaşar Erdinç
Yaşar Erdinç
Academic, Financier, and Author


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Course Content

12 chapters29 videos7 hour 57 minute total time
  • Introduction06:56
Structure of Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Structure of Balance Sheet Analysis30:56
  • Current Assets13:04
  • Fixed Assets13:49
Liquidity Ratios
  • Liquidity Ratios09:08
Analysis of Company Activities
  • Inventory Turnovers12:14
  • Days Sales Outstanding11:08
  • Days Payable Outstanding08:49
Sales and Profitability Analysis
  • Sales and Profitability Analysis24:44
  • Key Points in Investment08:41
Long-Term Investment Strategy
  • Long-Term Investment 106:15
  • Long-Term Investment 222:56
  • Long-Term Investment 325:30
  • Long-Term Investment 408:15
  • Long-Term Investment Example13:34
  • Annual Performance Analysis of the Company24:15
  • Dupont Analysis 116:47
  • Dupont Analysis 212:14
  • Comparative Dupont Analysis15:11
  • Dividend Performance Analysis10:20
  • Analysis of Market Multiples22:45
  • Summary Table and Summary Analysis of a Company03:11
Identifying Stable Profitable Undervalued Companies
  • Identifying Stable Profitable Undervalued Companies 110:09
  • Identifying Stable Profitable Undervalued Companies 219:32
Medium-Term Dividend Strategy to Follow
  • Medium-Term Dividend Strategy to Follow14:13
Creating a Story and Making Future Price Predictions
  • Making Future Price Predictions 127:21
  • Making Future Price Predictions 221:42
Time Tunnel Analysis
  • Historical Valuation Simulation47:30
Company Scoring Analysis
  • Company Scoring Analysis16:28

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TRY 485.76

7 hour 57 minute total time
1 analysis program
Lifetime access
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